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  1. Aw man, I'm now genuinely gutted that I'm abroad. Going to have to try to find someone to grab his autograph for me!
  2. So... Star Lord outfit for photo with Groot or Jedi robes for photo with Ray Park? Tough decision!!!
  3. benmitchell53

    Guest Suggestions

    I realise we're into the final stretch but you never can tell with Showmasters! I remember last year when Lou Ferrigno was added the day before the event! I'd love to see some more recent Doctor Who guests and also any of the cast of Harry Potter. Really getting excited now!
  4. benmitchell53

    Guest Suggestions

    Any guests from Doctor Who and Game Of Thrones are always massively appreciated! Maybe some of the cast from the DC tv series'? Arrow, The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow? My sister would also love to meet some more of the Harry Potter cast. She's building her autograph collection :)