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    Wrestlers for european cons

    if we get hulk hogan id go vip and spend so much money hes the reason i live and breathe wrestling my hero
  2. hulkcass10

    Choose 5 guests you want in 2017! :)

    wrestling stars 1 hulk hogan 2 shawn Michaels 3 jimmy hart 4 batista 5 sting
  3. hulkcass10

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    the big bad dave batista would be a awesome draw for lfcc2017 would appeal to both wrestling fans and film fans would be amazing
  4. hulkcass10

    Wrestling Convention

    great idea mate id love this come on showmasters sort this out for 2017 jimmy hart wanted to come for lfcc let the film and tv guys have a bigger show but give us a wrestling con before sumone else beats you to it !!!