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  1. 54 minutes ago, Faerie Tanith said:

    Oh wow I didn't even notice the covid thread was gone! That's so bad! :angry2:

    I didnt notice either they should've kept it there not moaning about the event or anything surprised they havnt deleted the whole forum 

  2. 1 hour ago, FlamingIdiots said:

    I've never noticed any quality issues on the 10x8 the event hosts supply.

    Bair in mind any you get printed elsewhere only use professional services and not inkjet ink at home it won't be worth it doing it at home as it won't last I've only printed two at home ever one was signed on a white space so should last just fine even if the image does not and the other was signed directly to the photo but black ink used so should be okay but if you have time always send off or head to boots to get them printed.

    I scan all mine onto my PC and save all of them so I have them for life lol

  3. 1 hour ago, FlamingIdiots said:

    I did see his desk hardly if any queue at all on Friday and Sunday but the price was a little out of what I was ready to spend. But did love the talk on Friday I think it was and got to ask a question really happy with that.

    I couldn't afford he's autograph at this event hopefully will get him again then I'll definitely get it to go with my photo I had he was very friendly and seemed to enjoy himself 

  4. 2 hours ago, Faerie Tanith said:

    Yep. My dad was there primarily for an Andy Serkis autograph, personalised for my stepmother. He wanted "To (name), my precious". About half an hour into queuing he overheard somebody else saying that Andy wasn't personalising, so he immediately got out of the queue and went to buy a £20 signed Andy Serkis print from a merch stall downstairs instead. He said he'd have been really annoyed if he'd braved that awful queue all day only to be told at the table that he wasn't personalising. 

    Saved some cash aswell

  5. Don't know if anyone has wrote any experiences they had with meeting her but she was awesome very friendly and always smiling even after her shoot she was so happy to meet everyone very bubbly person and she only got asked a week b4 the event about coming and said she was happy to come hope we see her again 

  6. What a joke I noticed the little teen girls were very rude and pushing in when I was getting a virtual ticket yesterday I managed to get 1 today which was good but feel sorry for the poor bloke looked absolutely tired this morning and yet again same as yesterday people expecially teens sitting on the floor while I was Trying to get a photo shoot sm needs to sort this out in future reference for health and safety reasons

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