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  1. Photoshoot with Lance Henriksen, saw me and asked for a box to stand on :D.

    Amber Rose Revah complementing my Punisher t-shirt.

    Zachary Levi freaking out over the Shazam comic I had him sign then  bursting out with laughter after I asked did he ever figure out how to pee in the costume.

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  2. Finalised list for this year-

    Jason Momoa auto

    Tom Welling auto

    Peter Capaldi auto/photo

    Ray Fisher auto

    Iwan Rheon diamond pass

    Jewel Statie auto

    Edward James Olmos auto

    Jamie Bamber auto

    James Callis auto

    Ray Park auto

    Lance Henriksen auto/photo

    Amber Rose Revah auto

    Daniel Naprous auto

    Mike Quinn auto

    Simon Williamson auto

    Compared to last LFCC my list has doubled and I've also bought my first diamond pass


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  3. 18 minutes ago, StevenHall said:

    Orlando Bloom is easy to get at the moment as he's performing in killer joe at the Trafalgar studios in london next to Trafalgar square until the 18th august, just wait by stage door and he'll happily sign and do photos for free on his way out

    Best news ive heard all day, might have to see this play now as the description sounds wonderful and the chance to meet Orlando Bloom.

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