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  1. Heh. Armin Shimmerman was indeed v cool. He asked me my name for the personalisation and I told him Ali and spelt it out and he said, "Oh like, for Alison" and I said that yes, it was short for Alison. He said that they always called Alyson (Hannigan) Ali, never Alison and I said that the only time I got called Alison was by my mum when I was in trouble... so he wrote on the photo: "Ali, you're in trouble now!!" and signed it Armin Shimmerman and wrote Principal Snyder underneath. :)
  2. 421!! Which is scary considering I bought it within about 4-5 hours of the announcement!!
  3. Heading down to London from Yorkshire with two kids in tow on the Friday afternoon, checking into a hotel where hubby will come and join us once he finishes work and brother-in-law will be joining us too at some point. Saturday morning will be going en masse to the con, early (kids'll be up anyway) but not mega-early and then Sunday morning brother-in-law and I will be heading out early to the con while hubby takes the kids out for the day somewhere.
  4. Alipeeps

    Improving the Show For Families

    That's a bit of a sweeping response, isn't it? Just because one parent was thoughtless and didn't take their kid out of the talk? If my child was making that much noise/disrupting the talk, I'd take them out of the talk area - just as I'd take them out of the church if they started creating during a wedding etc. If parents don't have the courtesy to do this, then maybe the stewards on hand should politely ask them to?
  5. Alipeeps

    Child Entry Tickets

    Sorry, I have failed in my search for the information. I have requested clarification from SM. We will let you know as soon as possible. Thanks for that. Your effort is much appreciated. :)
  6. Alipeeps

    latest guest Announcement - David Tennant

    Umm. Or buy a photo op ticket?
  7. Alipeeps

    Child Entry Tickets

    Thanks for that. I've bought Early Bird tickets for hubby and I so if I do need to get tickets for the kids then they'll kind of need to be coming in with hubby and I, even though the Child tickets are standard only!
  8. Alipeeps

    Child Entry Tickets

    Eck. Seriously? I have to buy an entry ticket for a 9 month old?! I could maybe - just maybe - understand tickets for 2 year old but I can't think of anywhere that charges entry for babes in arms.
  9. Bit of a possibly daft question here but I can't find the info anywhere in the online shop... how old do kids have to be before you have to buy a Child Entry ticket for them? I'll be bringing along my 2 year old and my 9 month old (start em young! ). Am guessing/hoping I don't need to buy separate entry tickets for kids that young?
  10. Alipeeps

    latest guest Announcement - David Tennant

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! How excited am I?!! I was 98% certain I was going to this show but this announcement absolutely sealed the deal! Tickets bought and photo ops booked!
  11. Sorry for posting on here but don't know how else to get in touch and ask for help with this... I am still missing my photo with Jason Momoa from Chevron 7.2. When I went to collect the photo on the Saturday, it turned out I'd blinked and it hadn't been noticed during the photo session - spoke to Malcolm and he took all the details and said he would get it photoshopped (to add in my open eyes from the Joe F photo! D) and reprinted. After a fair bit of chasing around on Sunday afternoon (when the reprinted photo still hadn't shown up) Malcolm tracked it down and found that that photoshopping had been done and the image was on his memory stick.. but it was too late to get it printed as the labs had closed. Malcolm took my name and address and said the photo would be printed and sent out to me. 2 weeks later, I've not heard anything. Can I ask nicely for someone to chase this up with Malcolm and let me know what's happening? Thanks in advance.. Ali
  12. Alipeeps

    Autograph clarification

    Ta chuck!
  13. Alipeeps

    Autograph clarification

    Still a bit of confusion here Too Tall as in the Extra Autographs info on the main Chevron 7.2 website it states:
  14. Alipeeps

    Latest Guest Announcement - John Barrowman

    Oh wow. Decision made. Chemo schedule allowing, my sister and I are coming to Milton Keynes! Photo op tickets already bought...
  15. I'd love to see some guests from the CBS show Moonlight, if at all possible? Any of Sophia Myles, Alex O'Laughlin or Jason Dohring would be wonderful!