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  1. You can do my house next if you’re looking for something else to do.
  2. Easy. You go out for 3, the send each member of your family out for 3 bottles at a time. Job done. Now you just need to find out who you’re still on good terms with. lol
  3. Though why you aren’t praising our Lord Chibnall is beyond me!
  4. You don’t need to worry. You don’t have a problem... apparently.
  5. It was. Just hope the Chinese takeaway we usually use opens again soon. Do enjoy it. Everywhere else is shut in town, barring the chippy at the other end of town, and (finding out after dinner) a Dominoes and a Del Pieros. (Had to be careful there. Nearly swore misspelling shut. )
  6. We were the same with a chippy. Told we'd get it in a hour or so (understandably, it's 1 of a extremely few places open in town) and we didn't get it till 2 hours later!
  7. Sullied by regulars? Don’t know what you’re talking about...
  8. There’s that big but we were waiting for!
  9. The opposite happened with us. Told there'd be no change at all, people complained, and now we're doing skeleton staff on alternative weeks. Hope your meeting is productive tonight. lol
  10. Oh rats, sorry to hear the 2 of you leaving as mods/admin! Hopefully will still see both of you at events! It’s been great having the 2 of you to turn to if no one else knew answers, you’ll both be missed!
  11. Likewise, the option is there to work from home, but it’s been pointed out by colleagues that, due to the nature of the job, there’s the possibility it can breach a few things. Agreed. There’s already 4 self isolating from the office, with them all dropping out yesterday, iirc (My days are kinda mixed up having St. Patrick’s Day off. XD), but they’re all precautionary and not confirmed as having COVID-19 at the moment.
  12. Well, that was fun. Practically no change. Alternating days/weeks has been scrapped and it’s business as usual. If you have an underlying health condition you’ve to use your Annual Leave and it’s being “looked into” having a conference room freed up to spread people out, the earliest this happening being tomorrow. Yay.
  13. Still in the office. Still no decision on how to go about the virus. Discussions ongoing but could find out anytime between an hour and 5 weeks.
  14. Hate to disagree but I actually prefer it to the first. It fixes a lot of the issues I have with the first film (although this one isn't flawless by any means either). I don't know what the more common opinion is regarding wether the first or second one is better, it seems to be an equal split from what I've seen. I’m gonna take the middle ground on this one! I think I like both equally. I was happy and surprised to see them take a massive diversion with the story but think it paid off. It’s true that this one doesn’t have a Let It Go but it’s still a really good soundtrack. Definitely the best sequel Disney Animation have done (outside of Pixar) in a long time. I haven't seen either of them, so I loathe them equally.
  15. I just can’t believe I’m not in school anymore! 16 weeks off!
  16. Oh, I’ve met her! She’s very nice, you’ll like her!
  17. You can have Jables, as long as the Rage Kage can be there too!
  18. What the bear and Roy said. Have read (can't say where) that it is due to spike next month, so July is a long way after that. Nothing is cancelled unless it comes from SM.
  19. Favourite memory of LCCSpring. Watching a bear being chased by a fan. Ruddy hilarious!
  20. It's always possible, of course, that The Master lied, or has been misinformed as all we really have is The Master's word and pieces being put together by The Doctor. There was nothing foolproof that showed a regeneration into Harnell's Doctor 100%. It could be revealed in the next episode that it was someone else. But the question would still linger over Dr Ruth, but this could very well be answered as well, as I recall hearing that The Timless Child act is going to be a multi season arc and not confined to 1. (Gets ready for a blasting from everyone else. )
  21. Amazing. Where and when did you meet Corin Nemec?. I would like to meet him ☺ Bearing in mind that we can’t discuss non SM events as per the forum rules.
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