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  1. Did complain during the show and said after But im growing tired of this so ill sit in the corner and say nothing
  2. That we could not join the back of a couple of q's tried to explain the rules to the member of staff but it wasn't happening ( and no they were diamond guests) Wether this is because its a stressful show for staff or simply miss informed I don't know but doesn't help me either way after paying for that privilege
  3. I know how gold passes work had them since 2012 at London Cardiff MK and Brighton. As a 100% Showmasters supporter who has bought most of their diamond passes since they were started last year I feel I have a right to express that they are not as valuable as they once were. The gold pass needs to be made more sort after I know people shove held them fir years are now not bothering fact. Gonna see how this year goes and rethink my self as last year were told
  4. I don't think its fair that the last goldpass holder goes in a second before general admission And has hardly any advantage. Why do you think people buy gold passes to beat queues I thought
  5. Pointless saying anymore it'll just get deleted
  6. Not as ridiculous as someone who paid £16 going in front of someone who's paid £251. Any better ideas to improve the value of a goldpass after the introduction of the diamond passes They are welcome
  7. That would be completely unfair to those already in the queue to keep being bumped back.[/quote Worked at other events. And also people who have high vq tickets feel gold passes are unfair in general But that's why they are being bought
  8. Gold passers should be put behind the last gold pass not just be able to join the back of any queue especially since we have to queue for diamond guests same as GAs now. I've said my bit
  9. Can I drive to your office to pick mine up SM I'd rather that ?
  10. Makes a lot of sense to me as Thursday was cancelled so a lot of people are there anyway I would have thought
  11. Efren Ramirez To go with Jon header or Fred savage to go with judge reinhold
  12. Get Rick moranis please, a legend people have forgotten about
  13. Oh bummer I'd lovev a joint shoot but think ill have to wait an see photo schedule first. Booked most of my photos Saturday Why couldn't it be Friday or all show days Surely it'll be a popular shoot
  14. I was hoping for mark hammil myself but how anyone can say he isn't a big guest must be off their heads. Well done Jason and Sm. Maybe next year for hammil?
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