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    Guest suggestions

    Jack Lousma John O. Creighton Hoot Gibson David Scott
  2. Methler

    Guest suggestions

    What about more Astronauts?
  3. Methler

    Tickets are being posted out

    Okay I will take the printed PayPal bookings with me! thanks!
  4. Methler

    Tickets are being posted out

    Yes Ashe send the payment with the comment: "this ticket is for Chris..."
  5. Methler

    Tickets are being posted out

    Once again a question: I paid the deluxe weekend pass by PayPal and the buzz aldrin photoshoot has been paid by my girlfriends PayPal account. Do I get both tickets without any problems on the front desk?
  6. Methler

    Tickets are being posted out

    Will the deluxe weekend pass be shipped to Germany? What is about the buzz aldrin photoshoot ticket? And to what address? The address seen my PayPal account?
  7. Is The Photoshoot with Al included in the deluxe weekend pass?
  8. Methler

    Guest cancellation ed Mitchell

    Is it planned to replace Ed by another astronaut?