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  1. Thanks for coming back to me. I appreciate that their are three events back to back but the money is taken out straight away and over two weeks is a long time to wait to be refunded your money. I think a big issue is when you seem to email Showmasters you don't see to get a response back which was my personal experience when sending three emails in a month. Thanks Too Tall was great help on the day I think an issue for me is that the benefits of the Gold pass are reducing. Really the main and most important thing is fine and by that I mean priority queuing for photoshoots. I also believe that Showmasters needs to communicate amendments to the Gold Pass as well which will help. As an example the description for the Bournemouth Gold Pass described a Gold Pass area for Gold Pass holders. Now I understand that this was probably dropped due to lack of space, lack of Gold Pass sales but this was part of the product being sold and no communication was made. Similarly it advertised that Gold Pass members would get priority seating for talks. This was then changed two weeks before to all talks for everyone are now on a first come first served basis again changing part of the product that a person has paid £173 as another benefit for the Gold Pass. I work in the insurance industry and if I sold a product to a customer and then when I handed the document over I said oh by the way it no longer covers you for two of the covers you asked for I would be crucified. I am not trying to cause an issue I am just trying to point out flaws that could be resolved especially with the Gold Pass. Thanks for responding anyway it is appreciated. :)
  2. Hi Showmasters Before I mention anymore I just want to say the photshoot crew were brilliant all weekend and the weekend eventually ended going brilliantly for me. Can you please take the following feedback on board. Myself and my friend purchased Gold Passes for Bournemouth Film and Comic Con. The following issues occurred. 1. We ended up being let in behind the regular ticket holders 2. A Showmasters crew member took our paper gold pass ticket with stub and advised us to queue and collect our ticket around the corner. We asked for the stub back and were advised we did not need it. We went round the corner to queue for our gold passes and were straight away asked for our ticket stub. 3. We were meant to have two prop shoot vouchers to use over the weekend as part of the gold pass. We never received them and the crew did not know anything about them. 4. I emailed the Showmasters shop for a month to ask when Terry Molloy was being added to eventbrite so I could purchase a photoshoot ticket and never received a response. Upon the day the crew did not know anything about the photoshoot which turned out had been overlooked and managed to squeeze it in which was good of them. 5. My friend had a cancelled photshoot in the day and was advised to email his papercopy to the shop and he would receive a response and get a refund. After three emails he has still not received a response. Many thanks to Too tall for helping us on the day. I really want to go to the Winter Con this year and have to say that these events are brilliant but can Showmasters take this feedback on board to make sure these issues are minimised. Thanks
  3. First thing this morning I had to overcome issues with regards to my Goldpass. However I just want to say a big thanks to Too Tall who sorted the issues for me and got things running smoothly. Great service. I would also like to say how great Phil was at the photoshoot booth with getting everything organised and keeping things running smoothly. The crew for the photoshoots were also superb. Thanks again for helping me get my photos today and for getting the Terry Molloy shoot on :)
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