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  1. Question about the Kevin Smith shoot on Sunday- how likely is it to underrun? My train arrives at 10:55, so as long as I'm punctual with getting the Underground and walking from Baron's Court I should reach the venue around 11:45- 20 minutes before its scheduled end time. Is it safe to chance buying a photo op?
  2. Regret not going to Neve Campbell's table to shell out for an autograph on the photo I got with her. I don't know if I'd have accomplished it in time though. After finishing photoshoots on Sunday I had less than half an hour left until closing time, although I know she wasn't massively busy (as far as autos go at least) so I might have just barely gotten enough time to fit it in and still have a short chat with her at the table. Sadly after going through 4 straight photoshoots in the afternoon and being strung out by the heat (and the circulation in my legs fading...) this thought never occurred to me. Somewhat regret not getting a photo with James Tolkan too.
  3. Was somewhat surprised to find at his afternoon shoot an Sunday that there were only 26/27 people queueing. Word of mouth on this forum, or at least what I've seen, is that his signing table wasn't bringing fans in droves either. Do you think the price (pun not intended, hard as that may be to believe) drove a significant amount of potential customers away? He's a big name actor and playing a major part in Game of Thrones currently so you'd think he'd have been almost as big a draw as the Diamond guests. But even in spite of me having siphoned away £45 on his photoshoot I still have to agree it's somewhat steep for him. Slightly unrelated but I had an enjoyable weekend all things considered (subpar AC, extortionately priced food & drink, circulation in my legs almost killed off two days in a row, etc.) Only things I truly regret not doing were not forking out an extra £15 for the power loader shoot with SW (my standard photo I got with her turned out okay though) and missing out on getting Neve Campbell to sign my photo with her (I don't know if I'd have managed this though as after I was done with shoots on Sunday there was half an hour at best left until closing time)
  4. what was the bad thing with Caatherine Tate Photoshoot? was just going to ask this too. In the first photoshoot I was one of the very few batch two folk let in before the session ended. As I was going in through the little corridor bit, there was this guy surrounded by showmasters/security staff. He was REALLY agitated, and was loudly exclaiming.."I just want to find out from her what it was I supposedly did!" The staff answered this saying something like "Look there's been a complaint. So that's not going to happen.." I didn't see what it was he said or did, but I do know at this point people were being really rushed through, as there was a kid in front of me who tried to say something to Catherine and was very quicky ushered away. And even looking at my photo it seems like she's really straining to smile at the moment it was taken. Then just a little later I was down getting an autograph from Bill Paxton, and he seemed like he was really going out of his way to cheer her up, and I did notice that in the time it took for me to go from his signing table next to her, to going back through Catherine's queue the sign above her had changed from no posed photos to having a 'post it' placed over the posed part so that it just said 'no photos' altogether. It was also around this time that I saw a crewmember giving the 'finger across neck' hand gesture to stop/cut off the queue. So I don't know if she needed a few minutes to compose herself or something, but she did seem shaken up. I have learned since then that folks are saying that in her second photoshoot there was an instruction to people to not put their arm around her or touch her at all. It might just be a coincidence, as I've heard people say that she does get anxious meeting strangers/large crowds and all, but the little snippet of what I witnessed with the guy getting spoken to has me fearing that something unpleasant did happen that morning towards the end of the first photoshoot.. I hope not, and that I'm just reading too much into things, but I suppose you never can tell. As I guess some folks have different definitions of boundaries and what's appropriate in these situations.. News to me- I was in her second shoot (batch 3- here's to having no initiative when it comes to buying tickets) and wasn't told anything about a no touching policy. I put my arm around her in the photo and she managed a half-smile. Curious to know what went down in the morning shoot that prompted such a revulsive reaction from her though.
  5. http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/RodimashPrimal/library/London%20Film%20and%20Comic%20Con%202015?sort=3&page=1 Here are all of mine. Think I need to practice maintaining photogenicity in a venue with subpar AC during mid-July lol- I look awful in many of these (especially the Catherine Tate one, a friend of mine said I look like Dean Ambrose there...) I quite like the ones with BTTF cast members though. My only real regrets about the weekend are not shelling out the extra £15 for the Sigourney power loader shoot and also not getting Neve's autograph on my photo (I don't know if I'd have managed it though, I only had about half an hour before closing time once I was done with shoots on the Sunday...)
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