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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed previously but does anyone know if you can use these to buy vouchers for autographs at the sales desk at the event? Thanks
  2. Still no reply to my emails. So frustrating as it has gone on for so long. Why can't anyone help?
  3. Same with me. Two emails asking me to state the customer number and address. No other communication. Can anyone recommend what further action should be taken? Extremely poor service.
  4. Had an email from Jason asking me to confirm details again. I have emailed this again a few days ago but no response. This is ridiculous customer service. I would urge others not to use this service.
  5. Still my other photo hasn't arrived, no refund on dedications and no response to emails. Have contacted card company and explored consumer rights with view to possible actions. Would just be nice to have a response to my emails and an explanation. Disgusting treatment of customers.
  6. Finally got my Benedict Cumberbatch autograph but my Christopher Lloyd autograph was missing. Does anyone know if orders are posted separately? thanks
  7. Me too. Very disappointing as it was for a birthday present for a friend whose birthday is tomorrow. I understand that there are other events that have taken place over recent weeks but as a business you should be aware of the demand and plan accordingly. Won't be using the service again sorry.
  8. There is no option to buy Zach Galligan photos at the moment. I think the last few guest photo shoots also aren't available. Can someone look into this please? Thanks.
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