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  1. Excellent. I'm a huge Fast Show fan and missed Charlie Higson & Arabella Weir last year so this is an ace announcement.
  2. It's such a shame. Facebook is a fantastic thing that's ruined by the people who use it, and I fully see the irony there. If everyone was more tolerant and willing to take opinions on board the discussions that could be had on there would be so satisfying. But that's the way of the world now. Well, the people in it anyway. I don't think I'll ever understand why people will resort to personal attacks over things that are made to entertain, it seems so pointless. Still, as long as you lot keep the open arms attitude I'll stick around.
  3. Does anyone else find the comment sections on some social media platforms sickening and disappointing? I, like a lot of you I suspect, follow a lot of pages that come under the geek umbrella and I'm appalled at the way people talk to each other. Now on to my point - forums such as this are extremely civil, which is as it should be, and in person at cons everyone's accommodating and willing to chat to strangers in queues. So why do some (a lot!) of people feel the need to resort to personal attacks if they disagree over a film/genre/character? A typical example is the Marvel/DC divide. I've seen some truly disgusting insults thrown around in comment sections. What I don't understand is that geek (sorry if anyone finds that term disagreeable but it covers all bases for my point) culture is largely a minority thing so we should all stick together, not throw insults at each other because someone thinks Iron Man's better than Batman. It saddens me to see it, especially as it never (in my experience) happens face to face, it's always from behind the safety of a keyboard. Has anyone ever been on the receiving end and, if so, how did you react? I'm genuinely interested to know how this affects the community.
  4. I've got tickets for tonight. As much as I'm looking forward to it, I've had my reservations about Gareth Edwards directing since it was announced. He's got great imagery in his films but his pacing is so laboured. I know we've only had two films to go on (Monsters & Godzilla) and they've both been good but hard work. Rogue One has a running time of 2:15, which isn't short by any means, so there's a good chance it could sag around the middle. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it as much as the next person so hopefully my fears are for nought.
  5. Hey all. My Name That I Respond To IRL: Kriss My Rough Age: 48 My Main Fandoms: Jaws, Star Wars, Marvel / DC films & TV, KISS, practical effects horror. Most People Love This Fandom But I Strongly Dislike: Dr. Who. Favourite Guest I've So Far Met: Tom Savini Biggest Name Guest I've So Far Met: Hayley Atwell Ultimate Dream Guest I'd Love To Meet: Steven Spielberg However A More Realistic Dream Guest Would Be: Rick Baker I Plan To Be At LFCC 2017 On These Days: All weekend I Will Most Likely Be Wearing: Jeans & t-shirt. As Well As The Guests, I Will Also Be Attending To: Merch. Lots of merch. Favourite Colour: Red Favourite Movie: Jaws Favourite Food: Sausage pie Favourite Book: Either Let The Right One In or The Godfather, can't decide. Favourite Series Of Books: The Hunger Games (stop giggling, I'm not much of a reader ) Favourite Video Game: Mario Kart Favourite Item Of Merchandise: Millennium Falcon model. It's not rare but it's the Falcon so it tops the list. Favourite Person With The Screen Name "Stenun" Who Started This Thread: TBC Other Information About Me That I Want To Mention: I went diving with sharks and on the main stage at Donington with Iggy Pop & The Stooges in the same week. Other Information About Me That I Don't Want To Mention: I need a bigger boat.
  6. It will be mine & the wife's 20th wedding anniversary, does that count?
  7. If you were going for Daniel Craig, I think he was actually the trooper that Rey used mind tricks on to let her out of the torture chair. Please correct me someone if I'm wrong. Daniel Craig was Rey's Tropper your right. Rumour has it Tom Cruise was in there somewhere Tom Cruise? Isn't he a little short for...oh, never mind.
  8. John Landis Rick baker David Naughton Griffin Dunn Jenny Agutter Rose McIver Melissa Benoist Bruce Campbell Richard Dreyfuss Linda Blair Kane Hodder Dan Aykroyd Steve Martin Brad Dourif Any & all major players from Star Wars, all eras. Cast members from: Breaking Bad Firefly Agents of SHIELD Arrow The Flash Big Bang Theory Daredevil
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