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  1. I thought this option to pick up the Diamond on Thursday was absolutely great last year. It allowed to gain so much time on Friday , and I really hope this will happen again this year.
  2. You might also want to consider walking from Euston to Kings Cross - St Pancras (5-10 min) and take the Piccadilly Line from there to Barons Court - 10 min walk to Olimpia
  3. I think this floor plan looks really good, and shows the significant improvements made last year, like getting all the Photo areas on the same floor and as close as possible from each other. Let's just wait on the two final clarifications - Gold pass entrance and Diamond passes thursday pickup - and we are all good
  4. That would be great! I really hope that will be possible this year
  5. That's a very good point. I am sure SM will clarify that pretty soon.
  6. Such a shame... I was so looking forward meeting both of them... Well next time hopefully.
  7. I really hope we will able to pick up the Diamond / Gold Passes from Thursday eve. That was so convenient last year...
  8. Amazing guest indeed!! Any chance for a Lost group photo? That would be a dream! (Apologies if it has already been asked...)
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