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  1. bronacroft

    Humans - LFCC Summer 2016

    Yes!! Would love to see Emily Berrington as well. :)
  2. Unless the Early Birds are sold out, yes. Ok, thank you.
  3. bronacroft

    Guest Suggestion Thread!

    Kristen Schaal would be amazing!!
  4. If his without costume was before 11 and he didn't do a split shoot, would there be a option to upgrade to early bird tickets? :)
  5. bronacroft

    Guest Suggestion Thread!

    So looking forward to meeting the PD cast this weekend, thank you! More of the Penny Dreadful cast would be amazing, especially Billie Piper, Eva Green, Sarah Greene and Danny Sapani! :)
  6. bronacroft

    Guest Suggestion Thread!

    Big ask but would love Sarah Michelle Gellar or David Boreanaz. Also the Human or Salem cast! Gemma Chan Emily Berrington Colin Morgan Janet Montgomery Shane West Ashley Madekwe Iddo Goldberg