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    Guest Suggestions

    I'd like to see a few people from BBC Musketeers and I'd also like to see a few actors from BBC Merlin there Actors from Banshee as well
  2. viclip180

    Guest Suggestions

    Tom Burke - he was not able to attend in manchester and if he was at Newcastle I would definitely come
  3. viclip180

    Choose 5 guests you want in 2017! :)

    My top five who I'd love to see in 2017 1. Tom Burke - Athos (The Musketeers) was looking forward to seeing him in Manchester but then he cancelled. Please Please Please try to get him 2. Antony Starr - Lucas Hood (Banshee) 3. Hoon Lee - Job (Banshee) 4. Ulrich Thomsen - Kai Proctor (Banshee) 5. Matthew Rauch - Clay Burton (Banshee) Would love for you to try and get actors from Banshee to and attend a Film and Comic Con
  4. viclip180

    Guest Suggestions

    My Guest Suggestions The Musketeers Tom Burke Howard Charles Ryan Gage Santiago Cabrera Banshee - please, please, Please try to get Antony Starr Ivana Milicevic Ulrich Thomsen Frankie Faison Hoon Lee Lili Simmons Matthew Rauch
  5. viclip180

    Welcome To the Crewing Area

    I am crewing at Manchester Film and Comic Con for the first time this weekend, I've got comfy shoes at the ready, but have a question, sorry if it sounds a bit daft Am I okay to have a small bag with me while I'm doing whatever I'm doing? One of those fanny packs or something along those lines? Got a couple of things I'd like to have on me at all times.
  6. viclip180

    Guest Suggestions

    I'd love to see some of Stars from Banshee there Antony Starr Hoon Lee Frankie Faison Ulrich Thomsen Ivana Milicevic Would really love to see some Harry Potter Guests as well
  7. viclip180

    Guest Suggestions

    I'd absolutely love it if Antony Starr from the TV series Banshee were to attend Manchester Film and Comic
  8. viclip180

    Guest Suggestions

    I'd love to see Sam J Jones at film and comic con
  9. viclip180

    Guest Suggestions

    I'd love to see some of the stars from Banshee at Manchester film and comic con - in particular Antony Starr Hoon Lee Frankie Faison
  10. viclip180

    Money Problems!

    As a first time at London film and comic con, I made sure to read the forum and look at what people suggested regarding money. I went to the bank a couple of days before traveling down from Huddersfield and withdrew £120 out of the bank all in £5 notes and had that in an envelope in my bag and had that as my spending money. I made sure while I was waiting in the queue to get an autograph from Jason David Frank to get out the right amount of money from the envelope. I stood over to the side out of the way of anyone and got out the right amount of money to get an autograph of Jason Faunt and Marnix Van Den Broeke and when getting the book from Caseen Gaines. I told myself not the buy anything from the stalls till I'd got what I specifically wanted, as I specifically wanted the back to the future book and the two autographs. I did buy a third autograph, and then I bought stuff from the stalls. Something I might do next time, that someone mentioned in post on here is, I might write my name on a post it note and have that with me. I might also split my money into separate envelopes and write on the name of the guest and the amount that is in that envelope.
  11. viclip180

    Who do you regret not meeting?

    I don't regret this but If I'd had the money, I would have like to meet MJF and Christopher Lloyd. It was great meeting the people I did meet though.
  12. I knew which guests were up on level 3, but as the guests I particularly wanted to meet were on level 1, I didn't go up to level 3. I did go up to level 2.
  13. viclip180

    Selling your signed LFCC items online

    I'd never dream of selling the autographs I got.
  14. definitely for me would like to see again Jason david frank Jason Faunt Marnix Van Den Broeke Someone who I'd really like to see next year would be Antony Starr (Lucas Hood - Banshee)
  15. Wow love what you have done