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  1. Post your pictures!

    My pictures are on my Twitter: @MilnerEmily. You can all have a look.
  2. Guest experiences

    Christine Adams was so nice and was happy to answer some questions I had for her. She was happy to have a picture. 10/10 Alexandra Dowling was really sweet and so kind, even asked if I wanted her character name put on the picture. 10/10 Samuel Anderson was very nice to talk to and he had a lot of time for everyone he met. He even asked me if I was from his neck of the woods (Samuel's from Birmingham and I'm from The Black Country.) Loved his little drawing he did on my picture. 10/10 Rupert Vansittart was funny and really nice, also was happy to answer my question. 10/10 Art Parkinson was so kind and his Mum, she also asked me some questions and Art well was so sweet. 10/10 Toby Sebastian was nice. 8/10 Charlotte Hope is not her character at all in GoT, she is so sweet and even liked my name as her sister is called Emily. 10/10 Eugene Simon was the most nicest person I have met and answered my questions. After having my picture with him, he give me a hug and shook my hand. 10/10
  3. Erin Richards and Carice Van Houten.
  4. See you all tomorrow

    Hope to see some of you today.