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  1. Hello together, I've got a question about the jpegs. Had to order it at the Con in London? Or how funtioniert this exactly. I would like my photoshoots Photos as jpegs. Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Hello everybody, I've got a question about the jpegs. Had to order it at the Con in London? Or how funtioniert this exactly. I would like my photoshoots Photos as jpegs. Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. Hello together, in 2014 I had a Meet&Great with a star on a convention. I want to give him a litte gift and a letter after this. But if I want to give him that, the meeting was finished and the star leave the room.... I was to late
  4. Hello together, does everyone know, where I could find a list of all prices for the photoshoots and autograhes in the forum? Thanks.
  5. Hello together, I want to buy a photo shoot with Stephen Calutt. But on the side buy tickets, I can not find his name. I^m to early to buy, or could everybody tell me, when I can buy a ticket for him. Thanks
  6. I think both are very special things. Autographs are very great, you can talk to the guests, when he or she sign your picture.... Photo are very great, you are near the guest, get a personal photo with them....
  7. I hope so too... . First I meet him in Düsseldorf in 2014. He was the reason I went there. I meet him, get autograph and photo and his panels there was very great and funny. I hope he will has many panels in london See you all there.
  8. Hello, on Friday Neve Campell, Lea Thompson, Noah Wyle and Erik Bauersfield on Saturday Michael J. Fox on Sunday, Richard Dean Anderson Dave Prowse and Talk with M.J.Fox and other BTTP
  9. Hello together, I will go to the fim and comic con 2015 in london. I`a new con visitor (film and comic con), so I have questions. I hope you could help me. I bougt a weekendticket and 2 photoshoots in the old system, so I get this tickets by a letter. The other photoshoots I bougth, I got mails with paper tickets. When I will come to the con, when should I come? Doors on Friday are open at 1pm and Saturday and Sunday at 9am. Are their differents queues for waiting (with tickets, to buy tickets, for diamont tickets...)? When I`m inside, could I change all my paper tickets in "tickets" and where? I hope you could help me. Thank you all so much. pumuckl
  10. Hello, thank you for your information. My english is not the best, so I ask. I have bought a weekend ticket, for all three days. I get it online in paper. Only this for friday I get in a letter (I bought it in the old system). So if I come on friday, saturday and sunday to the con, I go to one queue and wait to go inside. And inside I could cange my weekend ticket and my photo tickets in paper in "real" tickets. Could you say me if it is so, or give me other information please? Thank you very much for your help. pumuckl
  11. Hello together, it is my first con in London, so I hope you could help me. You talk about how long I must wait, when should you come befory entry. Are there only queues for all people. Or are they different queues. For one who want to buy tickets, one who have bougth their tickets before online, diamont pass...? On Friday it will starting at 1 pm, when is it good to come, half an hour before or more? And on Saturday and Sunday it wil beginn at 9am, when then? Thank you so much for your help. pumuckl
  12. Hello together, on July I will go to the Film and Comic Con in London. I bougth my phototickets and my weekendticket. I hope you can help me, I have two questions: o On buy tickets, I only could buy phototickets, where could I buy the autograph tickets? o Are there are Programm before the con started. To see when the Photo and Autograph sessions beginn, when panels stardet? Thank you for your help all of you in the forum. pumuckl
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