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  1. First of all, I'd just like to say that I really love the autographica events, I've been to the last three, and only wish I knew about them sooner. I can't tell you all just how much I appreciate getting to meet all of my heroes, shaking their hands and have them answer questions I've been thinking about since I was a child. I think that these events really do provide us with wonderful opportunities. I'm really looking forward to the event in September, I won't be attending the Jerry Ross event (I'm sure he has remarkable stories to tell but his missions aren't in my area of particular interest). Like flash storm above, I've lost almost three hundred bucks on two sets of flights. It's terribly annoying, I'm not a wealthy man by any means, but I do understand why the dates were changed. However, what's been bugging me the most, even more than the loss of money, is the lack of an apology from Showmasters. I feel at times that we, the customers, the lifeblood of this event, are taken for granted by the organisers. I've spent several thousand euros on these events and dinners and autographs, and I know that this has been my choice, and I don't regret a penny of it. As I've said, I'm not a wealthy man and it's not the loss of money that annoys me, it's the lack of an apology. We all spend such a large amount of money at these events, and the prices have only been rising. So in a situation like this where there has been a double cancellation/ date change, I think that we all deserve an apology. I genuinely am grateful to the organisers for the work that goes into organising these events, but without people like all of us on this forum (I know I'm only new but I've been a long time follower!), there would be no event! I'm looking forward to September, I hope it will be a fun weekend, but I think that for at least the time being, I'm not going to book any more tickets! All the best guys, thanks for listening, sorry for ranting! (I really can't emphasise how much I love autographica!)
  2. I'm going to try to be realistic with my wish list! First of all, I can't wait for Edgar Mitchell and Dave Scott... Fingers crossed, it'd be really disappointing if they don't make it! I'd love to meet 1. Charlie Duke (most of all!) 2. Dick Gordon 3. Jim Lovell 4. Fred Haise 5. Rusty Schweickart 6. Walt Cunningham Now, if this was a wish list that included 'hail marys'!... 1. Mike Collins 2. John Young 3. Bill Anders 4. Ken mattingly I know they're unlikely, if not impossible, but sure we can always hope! :)
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