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  1. He was busy earlier in the day. I was there around 11:30, had to get a VQ and with lunch and his photo shoot I never got to meet him till at least 3:30
  2. It’s a bit late for this but any idea if his autograph will be available to pre-order on the sales site? I’m not there the Sunday
  3. For myself, it'll take a lot to top Robert Englund in Freddy make up from this year. However, John Carpenter or Kane Hodder in his Jason make-up from part 7 (done that at another event recently) would sway Me to come down from Scotland again.
  4. Literally just read in the last hour that she'd died. Huge FT13 fan so I'm gutted by this. I even mentioned her in the dream guests part of the forum
  5. Apologies if this has been mooted before but I'm beginning to sway towards Chris Hemsworth. Im probably taking the Thursday reveal day a bit too literally but isn't Thursday actually from the Norse word Thorsday? I'm just guessing. At least we're less than 9 hours away from finding out
  6. Chrisrus, if your at the same Premier Inn then according to Google maps the odeon is 0.3 miles away. Literally end of the row, turn left and head up that way
  7. Isn't there an Odeon cinema not far away? I know it's not far from the Premier Inn I'm staying at in Kensington. I was planning to go see Ant Man or Terminator Genisys while I was down there
  8. I know I'm asking something that probably can't be answered just now, but what do you reckon are the chances Robert will be signing autographs on the day Of the Freddy makeup photo shoot. Obviously after he has the make up off? I'm swaying towards using my free autograph with the diamond pass to have him sign the picture I get of Me and Him together
  9. I'm worried about them scheduling the Ken Kirzinger in Jason costume and the Robert Englund in Freddy cake up at the same time.
  10. I was having issues with the forum earlier too so it wasn't just you Dooku
  11. I got this signed by Robert at Collectormania Glasgow around two years back. Going to get Ken Kirzinger to sign the other half
  12. I had the same worry Dazza but they came after about a month. If you go onto to sales page and check your order it'll show an estimated delivery time for the tickets
  13. Bit of a minor gripe here, but can the hyperlink to this forum be updated on the Collectormania Glasgow main page? It still points towards last years forum. As I said, it's a minor gripe but it would be nice to have it fixed.
  14. This may be a bit out there for some but I'd love to have Betsy Palmer there. Would love to get Mrs Voorhees autograph.
  15. Got to agree with you. I'd love to see him in the full costume. However, as a kid growing up I never thought Id ever get the chance to have my photo taken with Robert Englund in Freddy makeup. So while Id like him to wear the jumper too, I'll settle for him just in the make up
  16. Thanks everyone. Just had a check of the order and it's still not been posted so worry over. Thanks again though
  17. I'm maybe just being too impatient but what's the standard time frame to receive a diamond pass? I ordered mine January 5th but haven't got it yet. I normally wouldn't worry but with some of you already receiving your tickets I was going wondering if there was an issue
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