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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Definitely Michael C Hall please!
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Kyle Maclachlan please!!!!! And any other Twin Peaks cast, seeing as its returning in 2017.
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Forgot someone in my earlier post..... and Cameron Monaghan please!
  4. Guest Suggestions

    I have to agree with my sister on these! Particularly want Robert Englund so I can finally wear my Tina cosplay!! Michael C Hall is also right at the top of my list! Jim Parsons shares my top spot but doubt he'll ever do a convention! Any other Big Bang Theory main cast members please!!! Game of Thrones cast - particularly Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Jack Gleeson (again!) Gotham cast - particularly Ben McKenzie and Cory Michael Smith Breaking Bad - Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston (I can dream!) 80's Brat Pack!!
  5. Pro Cosplay Photos

    I found mine on Facebook on the 'Cosplay at Showmasters' page! I have to say though, I wasn't impressed with my 'photo shoot' as I queued for about an hour only to have just 3 photos taken. I noticed other people in front of me had more than that taken. I didn't like any of mine so I didn't purchase them. I thought they may have offered for me to have another couple taken but they didn't. Oh well!
  6. Attendee's Attire

    Thanks for your advice and reassurance Faerie and Rogue! Ideally I would cosplay as Tina on Friday and then wear something else on the Saturday when I have my photo with Dominic Monaghan. Trouble is there's a Freddie cosplayer who is only attending Saturday and I want my photo with him on that day, whilst in my Tina cosplay! Which means I would have to get changed out my wig for my Dom photo, and my hair will be a mess underneath. lol. I was just about to buy another Dominic photo for Friday but he's not attending Friday! This really isnt working out well for me this year. I've only got the one photo op booked and Ive nothing to do on the Friday! I want to cosplay to make it more fun!
  7. Attendee's Attire

    What are people's thoughts on cosplaying as a character when there are no related guests to the film/show, attending the con?! I had planned on cosplaying as Tina from Nightmare on Elm Street at Bolton con, when meeting Robert Englund and Amanda Weiss, but that got cancelled. I'm dying to wear my outfit! But will it look odd cosplaying as her at LFCC when they are not attending? I've also got the issue that I've got a photo with Dominic Monaghan on the Saturday and don't want to be in Tina cosplay when I meet him! Im not sure whether to get changed just for his photo. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm attending Fri/Sat only.
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton Lee Ingleby John Simm Simon Pegg Kunal Nayyar if he can do just one morning before his play The Spoils! Gotham guests - particularly Ben McKenzie, Cory Michael Smith and Cameron Monaghan!
  9. Guest Suggestions

    Any chance of getting my new favourite actor Lee Ingleby?!
  10. Guest Suggestions

    I keep repeating myself but just in case my previous posts were missed! 1. Jim Parsons (and rest of The Big Bang Theory cast) please please please!!!! 2. Michael C Hall (pretty please!!) 3. Robert Englund 4. Amanda Wyss 5. Gotham cast - particularly Cameron Monaghan and Ben McKenzie 6. Corey Feldman 7. Kiefer Sutherland 8. Michelle Pfeiffer 9. Sex and the City cast 10. 80's stars - particularly brat pack
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Judd Nelson please!!!! Always wanted to meet him
  12. Latest Guest Announcement - JENETTE GOLDSTEIN

    My sister and I are so gutted Bolton is cancelled. My sis is a HUGE Robert Englund fan and she's utterly devastated to hear the news. I was going along mostly to keep her company. I'd never watched the Nightmare on Elm St movies, so in preparation for Bolton, I watched them all and got that excited about meeting him that I decided to cosplay as Tina Gray! Then Amanda Wyss was announced and I was really happy I'd get to meet her in cosplay! It took me ages to find the outfit too and I even had a hairdresser trim my wig for me only last week! I'm pretty upset I wont be able to cosplay now. If at all possible, please can you reschedule them to attend London. I am already attending London and there are currently no guests announced for that who I can get excited about. It would make our day if you announced Robert and Amanda. Pretty please!!!! Ooops I maybe should have put this in the Robert Englund thread but I was following on from the posts above! lol
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Michael C Hall please! He's right at top of my list! (fighting for top spot with Jim Parsons!)
  14. Guest Suggestions

    Particularly Ben McKenzie and Cameron Monaghan please!!!!