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  1. Crazyfools

    Any regrets?

    Not bringing more money and not getting money out at a store so they could tell I was waiting for service.
  2. Crazyfools

    Gold Pass

    Normally Gold Pass and General Entry holders are in same location, which is probably why gold are let in first, but no gold passers to hold down the general entry this year.
  3. Crazyfools

    Cosplayer appreciation

    For me it was the cosplayers who looked like something out of Warhammer 40,000 on Saturday
  4. Crazyfools

    Autograph vouchers

    I used mine, they were very helpful as you could use them as payment or part payment for the autographs, didn't have any trouble using them.
  5. Crazyfools

    Who's going to watch Suicide Squad this weekend?

    Getting midnight show on Friday morning at 00.01am
  6. Crazyfools


    Met quite a lot of wrestlers due to showmasters and meet and greets and most of them are really nice people, but I would be a hypocrite if I didn't say there are few rotten apples, just none at showmasters.
  7. Crazyfools

    Jack Gleeson appreciation thread

    Happy to chat about being slapped by Tyrion and hasn't seen A Game Of Slaps.
  8. Crazyfools

    Security at LFCC

    Only ones I really saw was the ones who checked bags when you come in, unless the blokes standing near some VQ guests with no steward shirts counted as security
  9. Crazyfools

    Famke Janssen?

    Would you really think the info from sickly would go in positive comments only when they talk about hot and cold reception? I not sure if I would.
  10. Crazyfools

    Julian sands

    Happy to sign my Gotham poster he was, nice guy he is.
  11. Crazyfools

    Who WOWed You At LFCC?

    Jack Gleeson - happy to chat about his character getting slapped. Natalia - same reason as everyone else Joe Nahuafu - standing in front of desk and asking how popular King Joffrey is Jamie Harris - Wishing me luck on getting rest of Agents Of Shield Nakia Burrise, Catherine Sutherland, Julian Sands, Adam Copeland and the rest of GOTs guests who were there on Saturday for being very nice and friendly
  12. Crazyfools

    Paid Talks watching for FREE!

    That must have been after the diamond guests had settled in to their seats as Diamonds had few minutes before the rest came in.
  13. Crazyfools

    Latest Guest Announcement - SEAN MAHER

    I met him on Friday to get Arrow poster signed, nice guy just least chattiest guest I met.
  14. Adam was great, happy to chat to the fans and real nice guy. Glad I got the chance to meet him.
  15. Looked on bottom left and there is no Batch number on it, seen it on different guest photoshoot ticket but not this one.