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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Ive asked this alot i know but please Slavitza Jovan or any ghostbuster cast. The car would also make my day/life haha
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - SLAVITZA JOVAN

    Please showmasters bring her to England! Sheffield would be ideal! Ive been sulking since i saw she was in belfast (i cant travel abroad) Please make a girl like me happy :)
  3. Sherlocked 2 and US event?

    So hoping for a sherlocked london 2017 end of next year. Please have one of the big names- andrew scott, benedict cumberbatch or martin freeman. My first sherlock event and really wanna meet one esp andrew scott!
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Modern guests would be nice! Recent dr who actors and other sci fi shows. Gotta admit the above suggestion of the full monty cast would be good. Robert carlyle is on top of my wishlist!
  5. Only coming to this event for this guy. Praying he dont cancel. AMAZING guest- thankyou for bringing him
  6. Most gutted about this one. Need more actors like this one at cons. Too many trek and star wars etc for me
  7. Guest suggestions

    Please please please can we get mark addy for 2016???? I think he would be an amazing guest for sheffield and a big hit. He has been in Atlantis/Game of thrones so hes very relevent. Plus a big name in sheffield after doing the film the full monty based in sheffield. Id be happiest person alive if he came
  8. Anyone Attending Alone?

    nothing to do with this subject but love your profile pic!!!
  9. New guests?

    From looking at other locations there are lots of other sports stars attenting- at sheffield we only get wrestlers which i am not interested in. Can showmasters look into getting other sporting stars to sheffield? It may attract more people to coming if more star attractions
  10. Absolutely gutted- was so happy he was coming to sheffield. Only going for three guests now. Bit disappointed with the line up this year
  11. Guest suggestions

    Would love to see more of the altlantis cast as i have seen them advertised at other venues. Would also like guests from Buffy Sheild grimm supernatural more recent docters like tennent/eccelstone/smith
  12. Guest Days and Prices Sheffield 2015

    Do you know when tickets will be sent out? i ordered early bird/photoshoots a while back but not got anything yet. Just checking because i got my tickets sent out quick last year xx
  13. Guest Days and Prices Sheffield 2015

    Can robert emms photoshoot go on sale soon please :) xx
  14. gutted! coming saturday esp for him! xx
  15. Guest suggestions

    The cast of atlantis- mark addy jack donnelly robert emms supernatural cast- Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins Dr who cast- matt smith, christopher eccelston, david tennent, tom baker primeval cast- hannah spearitt or andrew lee potts