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  1. Hope that the case as I can't find my Paxton, fox or Lloyd ones
  2. There was a guy dressed up as that Dave from money supermarket ad. Looked very funny
  3. Bill Paxton was awesome. I met him Saturday for a photo shoot then an autograph. In the photo shoot I said hi bill I hope your having a great day and he said cheers buddy. ;-) Michael j fox when I got the auto I said thank you for coming and I hope you have a great weekend. He looked up and smiled. Amazing. Chris Lloyd seemed a bit off but that could have been jet lag Rest of bttf cast were incredible. Donald (goodie Wilson) was very chatty and funny. Lea Thompson is stunning and very personable person. I think I was expecting everyone to have massive queues but Friday some of the bttf cast were not busy at all so could have had a chat but I was in shock from meeting them so had no idea what to say. Felt like a bit of a tool. Lol
  4. Jason Firstly can I say thanks for posting on here and also arranging this. Meeting m j fox was a dream that I though just was not possible, thanks to you and Halifax (other banks are available) I managed to meet him and what an experience. Here are just a couple of things that I think may need addressing. Gold pass - I feel that the queue entry in the morning made it worth it. The goody in the bag were awful and the gold room should have been available all day as it was closed off for some talks. The autograph vouchers should just be 4 x£10 vouchers that you can use in the weekend and not just £10 guests. I understand that the gold pass you join the back of any auto queue which is fine but I felt that being able to get to the front of photo shoots did help with the timing. So something similar experience with the auto queue would be good. Traders - the location of this was a bit of a pain if you are trying to get to a photo shoot the other side as you have people browsing which did not help if your in a rush to get to a shoot. Diamond pass - I had both bttf ones and they did look very cool. I was a lucky one but I believe on the Chris Lloyd pass I got a photo with Lloyd and also Lloyd with the clock face. I asked a pit boss and that is what he told me despite there only being 1 camera icon on the pass. He said the red dot was for the clock face and Lloyd. I asked what the yellow one was for and he did not know. Also I think the crew were having issues with the hole punch on the diamond passes so not sure if there is another way of doing this. Yalc & comic floors - I went up there to see Andrew probers who was one of the story board guys on bttf. I found him upstairs and felt a bit sorry for the guys upstairs as I know on Saturday they did not feel it was that busy as people did not know how to get up there. Sunday - for some reason this felt like the worst day for me getting round the venue. I am not sure why particularly that day but it just felt like it took longer to get anywhere. Back to the future talk - like I said at the top this was amazing for me to meet the cast and when I went to the free talk I got to sit 3 rows back as I had a diamond pass. After the talk we were told by 2 crew to stay where we are if you had a diamond pass for the next talk. Then all of a sudden we were told by the lady in red top to all get up and would be seated in number order. Just as I got up there were a lot of normal passes just running into the hall. I eventually end up very far back and also behind some normal pass people. The talk was amazing but I did feel gutted being so far back after being told that I could stay in the 3rd row. The day before they had the Chris Lloyd talk and lined you up in pass order which worked well. I just felt very let down by that lady in a red top and dark hair. This was my first comic con and what an experience it was. Thank you and I hope some of the points above are valid or helpful. Colin
  5. Well they should have thought about that before putting the gold room there. They should have positioned it else where. Sunday was horrific I went there 3 times to get a bottle of water as I was not paying £2.50 for one because I paid for a Gold pass. Its my first Comic Con and I personally think the value for money on that Gold Pass was not there.
  6. Bill Paxton was amazing. It took me a while to work out as I was in such a rush but he drew a twister under his autograph on the twister poster. Didn't think of getting any on the BTTF ones. They just signed and put the names under. I see your plutonium case. If you ever sell that it will be worth a fortune
  7. I gave up with this also as was specifically told only £10 guest so I didn't keep them. On Sunday I see someone putting towards a sigourney weaver auto. This is totally unacceptable if the same process is not followed as I feel like I have lost out on the £20 I could have used towards another guest. With regards to the photo shoot ones when I got to the desk to use them all of the photo shoots I wanted had sold out. I think you need to look at what you offer with the golds in the future as I certainly felt a bit let down with the packages
  8. It was shocking. I was in row 2 for the free talk and after they said if you diamond then stay where you are. Then we got told to all get up and they will check the passes in number order. This certainly did not happen so I ended up far back. I have a diamond and a gold pass which did not count for anything. I see people with a standard pass for the talk that were nearer to the front than me. I am not saying we want special treatment but £445 for diamond and £225 for gold vs the cost of the talk. Overall it was a good weekend. I did feel that Sunday was the worst day though. I hope that there is more clarity round the diamond/gold pass as they kept on closing the gold room when talks were on as they said it's a special talk so can't go in the gold room (show masters should have put the gold room somewhere else then) For the Chris Lloyd talk they lined us up in pass order and that worked well. The back to the future talk red top lady had no idea what was going on. Like I said overall seemed quite good but Sunday I just felt a bit like I did not want to be there.
  9. He is by photo area a just before it. Opposite side to where Chris Lloyd is. It's called club room.
  10. They got over that as quite a few went in that can't make other days. Then they said if you had a low pass number to join. Didn't do many more but would think he done over 200 today. I suggest getting there early and ask when you there. I think it should be ok otherwise a logistical pain to refund. Overall I have had a good weekend but the photo shoot for fox was a mess just 100s of people crammed in an area with a range of tickets. They do get the photo done quickly. I don't think Michael would want to disappoint. He is such a gent. Hope Sunday goes ok for you
  11. They have split the queue. Same entrance as gold. Yalc one side and gold the other. I hope this helps
  12. I have a quick question. So if I am gold and want to get a vq for Bill Paxton I go to his signing area 1st thing Saturday. If I get a vq will I have a rough idea what time it will be called so I can work out any clashes? I know it's after diamonds but when will I know the diamond queue is finished? Also is it too,late for more guest announcements? I was hoping for Helen hunt and Tom Wilson (biff) not sure will happen as they would have been diamond I think Cheers again Colin
  13. I am planning on getting my poster signed. Roughly how long does it take for the ink to dry after signing. I want to avoid smudging if possible. Also are there any techniques to drying the ink? I can't imagine it being easy walking round with an open poster. Lol
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