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  1. I'm number 371, but so excited to meet him tomorrow! Hopefully I meet him before I leave at half 5
  2. Anytime I hear Reigns Of Castamere, I just sprint for miles away from whoever had it... D:
  3. Hi, sorry if this question has been asked before but my quick search didn't bring anything up! Anyway, if I was to send in a poster to be signed, how long before the event should it be sent? and aside from my name, what else should I write down on a note next to it? Thanks!
  4. I ran out of money halfway through the day, went all the way to the sainsbury's only to find out the ATM broke :'( Ended up having to go back to the train station!
  5. Carice did, I'm not sure about the others Edit: Her VT was really high, too. I got 353. I ended up meeting her near enough at the end of the day xD
  6. Speaking to Daniel Portman about wrestling and Brock Lesnar was amazing!
  7. I just saw the SM announcement from this morning and some of the morons commenting who couldnt see how ill she was. I'm sorry if I came off as stand-offish! It's weird though, she looked really ill to me yet was still as polite as anyone!
  8. Where has anyone said anything about her on FB? I've only seen well-wishers on Twitter
  9. I don't know the woman's name but the person doing Daniel Portman's printing was really, really nice! She complimented me a few times even when I was acting all nervous
  10. Hi everyone, with all the recent complaining about queues etc. that happened on the Saturday I thought I might aswell try and lighten the mood with a happy thread! Near enough every member of staff was really helpful, even when I asked the most idiotic questions ever! Every question I had was either answered in good enough detail or they forwarded me to someone nearby who helped out, and I sort of understand the pressure they were in, since I work in customer service too and busy periods are the time where I feel like my mind is breaking down D: The queues were horrible, but I met a to
  11. That's a bummer for people today :/ she was really amazing yesterday (for all of the minute or so I got to talk with her, though xD)
  12. Woo! So im not the only one I hope I meet you guys! I'll probably be the only guy wearing a Brock Lesnar shirt lol
  13. I just had my friend cancel on me at the last second, so I'm going tomorrow on my own :/ Anyone been to events like this on their own? If so, what's it like?
  14. So if I have a carice van houten photoshoot batch 4 should I go to the beginning of her second photoshoot?
  15. Still hoping for more GoT members and not so many from shows that are a bit too old for me
  16. I'm going to go with photos only for most guests, and the main GoT / TWD cast can sign some posters I have
  17. Don't remind me about the Red Wedding :'( I have sent off fanmail for Maisie williams' autograph, so hopefully I won't have to pay for it now, but yeah I really should've gotten into GoT earlier to meet all these people. Still, Charles Dance is an amazing guest!
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