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  1. Guest suggestions

    Charlie Heaton - Stranger Things. He does come from Bridlington after all..
  2. Will there be an autographica 2018

    I believe Al Worden, Apollo 15 CMP, is visiting the UK in October 2018 and can be booked through his UK agent, Vix Southgate / Vixen International
  3. Guest Suggestions

    p.s. plus Bill Anders and Frank Borman. An Apollo 8 reunion would be incredible also England 1966 squad with it being the anniversary
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Alan Bean, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell
  5. Photographic Back drop

    If you have photoshop its fairly easy to use the cut out tool to isolate a 'meet and greet' photo - such as the one in my profile pic - and to super impose it onto an image such as this one http://prancer.physics.louisville.edu/astrowiki3/images/7/7f/Moon_sbig11000_sm.jpg
  6. THE APOLLO THREAD (make the autographica successful)

    My favourite mission was Apollo 8, I would love to meet any of the crew members.What are other forum members favourite missions and why?
  7. Guest Suggestions

    Fawly Towers Only Fools and Horses Game of Thrones LOTR/Hobbit 24
  8. THE APOLLO THREAD (make the autographica successful)

    I would also love to meet; Alan Bean Harrison Schmitt John Young Michael Collins Jim Lovell Frank Borman Bill Anders Ken Mattingly I know its a wish list, but there is no point posting a list of regular guests How about Col. Chris Hadfield? A nice ISS Cupola backdrop for the photoshoot? keep up the good work, thanks to Autographica I have met many of my heroes over the last decade or so