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  1. Charlie Heaton - Stranger Things. He does come from Bridlington after all..
  2. I believe Al Worden, Apollo 15 CMP, is visiting the UK in October 2018 and can be booked through his UK agent, Vix Southgate / Vixen International
  3. p.s. plus Bill Anders and Frank Borman. An Apollo 8 reunion would be incredible also England 1966 squad with it being the anniversary
  4. If you have photoshop its fairly easy to use the cut out tool to isolate a 'meet and greet' photo - such as the one in my profile pic - and to super impose it onto an image such as this one http://prancer.physics.louisville.edu/astrowiki3/images/7/7f/Moon_sbig11000_sm.jpg
  5. My favourite mission was Apollo 8, I would love to meet any of the crew members.What are other forum members favourite missions and why?
  6. Fawly Towers Only Fools and Horses Game of Thrones LOTR/Hobbit 24
  7. I would also love to meet; Alan Bean Harrison Schmitt John Young Michael Collins Jim Lovell Frank Borman Bill Anders Ken Mattingly I know its a wish list, but there is no point posting a list of regular guests How about Col. Chris Hadfield? A nice ISS Cupola backdrop for the photoshoot? keep up the good work, thanks to Autographica I have met many of my heroes over the last decade or so
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