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  1. Three vendors maybe more took photos of our cosplay with karatekid merchandise. I was going to go back through and get the stall names. I know where the stalls were in the halls, is there a list of vendors somewhere?
  2. All the crew with CobraKai lads all day Saturday were amazing!!! Went beyond just crew members (except one who shouted at myself AND at the guest) The crew around this area got a bit too into our group cosplay and out came all the burns to Daniel-san.. he was literally surrounded by cobras, no place to escape. Was the best moment of my life. Honestly lovely, fun, amazing, great and super patient with me and everyone I saw them help and interact with. Great job everyone!!!!!
  3. I truely Wish him well in what ever he is doing instead. And all good Miyagi vibes. But so gutted. Personally, only coming for these four guests. Won't be the same without Mr Kove. I have everything possible crossed Mr Zabka , Xolo and jacob will still attend. And trying not to sit her anxiously refreshing the guest list page. It's going to be a long week..
  4. Thank you LFCC!!! You rock!! Please don't announce any more KK universe characters, I can't handle the excitment
  5. Ralph came to LFCC 5 years ago. Would be soooo good if they can bring him again. His lines were huge!!
  6. Really can't wait. After lfcc bought Daniel (Ralph) over five years ago, was a dream come true, didn't think we'd then be lucky enough to have mr kreese and Johnny!! Wow!!! Thanks for coming over!!!
  7. Was going to bring Radagast for a group, but everyone dropped out, then two of Cobra Kai are attending so will most likely bring Daniel-San (met Ralph when he was here a few years back, so should complete the set right?) Anyone else cosplaying from karate kid / miyagi do/ cobra kai /cobra kai series???
  8. Thanks guys, showmasters just tweeted. We can attend either of the Ralph Macchio photo shoots.
  9. Which Ralph Macchio photo session are we meant to attend? My ticket number is 99 Edit. Sorry it's been asked already. Can anyone help? :/
  10. Couldn't believe it when I saw this. And now ticket arrived and wow wow wow wow it's almost here
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