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  1. Sorry QS you are wrong, I did 67 Photo Shoot over the three days and every single Photo Shoot they called Diamond first, then Gold, Then Old style Paper tickets then the Batches followed by Bought on the day.... On Sunday My first photo shoot was at 0930 I had my plan and by 1030 I should of done 4 main shoots, I did none.. Because Diamond went first on all shoots pushing me back... I had to do these shoots later in the day which resulted in Clashes and missing photo shoots... 67 Photo Shoots that is some going. Do you have a Star Trek transporter?
  2. From the guests that had diamond and gold pass options, how many were sold? was it too many? I can't remember which thread but someone had a VQ tik in the 30's for Christopher Lloyd and couldn't get an autograph because it was diamond and gold passes only. Not everyone wants, needs or can afford those passes. There has to be enough room for regular attendees to get autographs from the bigger guests.
  3. well said couldn't agree more, Saturday was awesome but god damn it was hard work! Myself and a mate were only there for Saturday, arrived at 9 and got in at 10.30. It was a bit hectic trying to get our bearings and getting worried that we wouldn't get everything done. We did enjoy it and got everything we wanted but you're right 'it was hard work' compared to last year anyway.
  4. She sounds like a great guest. I was thinking of getting a shoot on the day (sat) but didn't have much spare time plus she had to cancel anyway. Hopefully get to meet her at another con.
  5. I would go again next year but it would depend on what guests are announced. And if SM do manage to get all 6 halls I really hope they don't oversell it. Use the extra space to make things more comfortable for attendees and have a serious re-think about the layout.
  6. It sounds that this shoot didn't run that smoothly at all. It think some of these photoshoots,especially the bigger guests are being oversold and it just becomes a big hectic rush. If a shoot is say 30 mins then I think a few mins should be left spare out of that time just in case something goes wrong, reshoot etc. By filling up each time slot to the hilt its leaving no room for error.
  7. I think it could be Legend Icon. They are a French company. I bought a t-shirt from their stall. I've just been on their website and they do have those varsity style jackets. www.legendicon.com
  8. I was only there for Saturday with normal entry ticket but got 6 photoshoots, 5 autographs and GoT sketch.
  9. The crowds were pretty bad yesterday, especially on the ground and 1st floor and the balcony were they had Photo A for a lot of the bigger guests was far too small and over crowded. There was a lot more space on the the 2nd and 3rd floors but the access was ridiculous nowhere near good enough. The stairs were a disaster waiting to happen, when you opened the door it blocked half the stairwell and people were crisscrossing each other outside the doors trying to go up or down the levels. I have no idea how someone could manage to get 15 photo shoots in 1day. Maybe Dumbledore taught them how to Disapparate
  10. Good thing I got my autograph yesterday. Kelly was very nice and she does good personalisations too. Pity folks are gonna miss out today.
  11. There was quite a delay after lunch, so she must not have been feeling great around then. There was only about 10 or 15 people in the queue when I joined but there was no personalisation. Got a couple of pics signed for myself and Bullseye. I also got a sketch of Melisandre from Will Simpson and got her to sign that. Had a quick chat to her about it and she seemed very friendly.
  12. A voucher to use at another SM event is not good enough. Should be a £25 refund to CC at least. Some of the people who missed out could be travelling from a distance or from overseas and most likely would not be in a position to get to another event.
  13. This is bad form. They should've known how long it takes to do the make-up before the Con even started. Diamond pass holders won't be happy after shelling out big money for the Pass and not getting an autograph.
  14. Got a photo shoot and just about got an autograph yesterday, not good for folks waiting until today.
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