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    Belfast Talk and Photo Schedule

    Have I missed the party? Just want to say thank you for everybody's help on here, on the day and all the guests. Enjoyed my day out, and left happy. Unfortunately got to see even less of Julian and Staz's Q and A than I anticipated due to Caroline's photo shoot running late, and then the printer ran out of paper midway through printing Caroline's photos out, and then Ingrid had her shoot before we got to Valene! So I probably only caught 5 minutes in total, though I was happy enough that the audience section of the Q and A area wasn't enclosed, so I came and went. I suppose I should have collected my Caroline photo shoot when I went back for the Valene shoot, and went and enjoyed the Q and A but didn't want to forget it! Not blaming anybody, I know from my own work, things run out or break down at any time! Kudos to the guy in the blue shirt (didn't get his name) who was printing out the photos and handing them out. Gave us a smile every time no matter how many times he saw us coming to pick up our snaps! Hopefully the event will come back again next year, even if it's only for one day again.
  2. bannsider10

    Belfast Talk and Photo Schedule

    Thanks again Raylenth for your help!
  3. bannsider10

    Belfast Talk and Photo Schedule

    Also, wondering if autograph vouchers will be on sale at the sales desk , or if we'll have to pay with just cash?
  4. bannsider10

    Belfast Talk and Photo Schedule

    Good idea! Hadn't thought about setting an alarm as I usually associate them with being LOUD but I guess I could have my phone set to vibrate when the time comes and have my palm resting on it so I know when it's time to go.
  5. bannsider10

    Belfast Talk and Photo Schedule

    What I feared Raylenth, but thanks for getting back to me. I have anxiety, so I know if I do go into the Q and A, I'm going to sit there anxiously keeping an eye on my watch the whole time, in case I get too into the Q and A and forget my second photo shoot, so I know I probably won't enjoy it if I do go in and sit down-if I manage to get a seat even near the entrance of the Q and A too, which will be another thing which would worry me! Maybe I'll give it a miss completely and hope that I have a bit of time to ask Julian a question while at his desk.
  6. bannsider10

    Belfast Talk and Photo Schedule

    Disappointing Everything else is fine, but the guest I'm most excited for, the guest who I was hoping had a Q and A at this event-I will not be able to go to the Q and A with Julian Glover. I have a photoshoot booked with Caroline Munro, and then a photoshoot booked with Valene Kane, which bookends the Q and A. So best case scenario is I might get 5, 10 mins tops of the Q and A session. And going in for 10 mins hardly seems worth it, especially if it made me miss my photo shoots, as I know it would be my fault if I wasn't there, and the guest had left the photo area already. I know you can't switch everything around due to one guest being unhappy about missing something, but is there nothing that can be done, or any suggestions how I can see the Q and A, and still get my photos done?
  7. bannsider10

    2nd June

    I can't remember where I saw it, but definitely recall seeing the powers that be say something along the lines of TV screens for announcements would work out too expensive for them, and so would be unfeasible for the 'one off' natures of the events.
  8. bannsider10

    Guest Suggestions

    Mads Mikkelsen Charles Dance John Rhys Davies Paul Freeman Dave Bautista Ted Levine John Woodvine Guy Henry Anybody really from Rogue One (yes, I'm aware that we had a lot of R1 guests in the past couple of years) or The Last Jedi. Probably won't happen but I would like Paul McGann and Richard E Grant, so we could get a photoshoot with both of them, as Withnail and I has passed its 30th anniversary.
  9. bannsider10

    I'm curious

    Having visions of that Alan Partridge episode with attendees going past and David B saying 'Ohhh you're going to have a good time'. Of course it may have been nothing like this...
  10. bannsider10

    First timer here!

    Hi etmuse and Sheppy dreamer, thanks for responding to my questions! Damn, I meant to buy tickets online but the shop is closed. Will the place that is selling entry tickets also sell tickets for the photo shoots, or are these tickets likely to be sold somewhere else? Also, are the photo shoot areas close to each guest? I'm assuming they will be away from where they are signing for certain periods to go to do the photo shoots?
  11. Hi guys, as the title suggests, this will be my very first convention and wondering about a few things before I go ahead and book tickets. Firstly, I know you will have to queue to meet the guests obviously. I have heard some conventions, you take a ticket and that gives you the order you are supposed to queue in. Is that the same here, or is it first come first served, that is, whoever queues first will be saw first? The other question is about the time of the photo shoots. Now I know times are TBC but can anybody give some idea of when they may take place? I will probably be looking for Paul McGann and John Rhys-Davies. I will most likely taking the bus to and from Belfast, and don't want to book a photoshoot only to find out they are taking place after the time I leave to ensure I can make it home okay. I know the Con last till 6pm on the Saturday. I will maybe need to be at the bus station at 5.30pm to get home. Also, any other tips to enjoy the Con? I will probably be coming fairly early, getting to it not long after it opens. My plan would be to try and meet who I want as soon as possible, and then go around and soak up the atmosphere the rest of the time. Sound okay? Also, I have met a lot of celebrities but you seem to have a little more time at a Con which allows for a bit more than a hello, can I have your autograph? How long do people generally spend talking to the guests? Thanks!