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  1. Is ted still attending both saturday and sunday?
  2. Alex Hogh Andersen, Marco Ilso, Alexander Ludwig.
  3. i'd love it to be one of the cast of Avengers infinity war
  4. Alex hogh Andersen who plays Ivar the boneless in Vikings.
  5. he won't have that problem with me lol i'm gonna be asking for a bear hug.
  6. will i have time for both benedict and john rhys davies i have batch 12 for benedict and batch 1 for John
  7. i have photoshoots with Mark sheppard and Mads mark's batch is 3 and Mads is 4 do you think i'll be able to make them both?
  8. Does anyone know if there are any cash machines at or near the arena?
  9. What is it made of, people can advise if you can provide some more info? Have you had a look at the rules linked above? it's made of wood
  10. I have a bat i use for my Harley Quinn cosplay, would it be alright to bring?.
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