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  1. I'm gonna suggest ppl that have been down on guest list but unfortunately couldn't attend Belfast in past. John rhys Davies Anthony Stewart head Christopher judge Joe Flanigan Stephanie Leonidas
  2. Marc Blucas Dennis Haysbert Carlos Bernard Glenn Morshower Carlo Rota Alyssa Milano
  3. Any cast of buffy, angel, smallville, arrow, flash, supernatural and walking dead
  4. John rhys Davies Wentworth miller John Wesley shipp
  5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan Sarah Anne Wayne Callies Scott Wilson Michael Rooker
  6. The mountain - game of thrones Wwe legend Kevin nash
  7. On Monday email came out to say all pre orders where being refunded. Have they all been refunded yet as mines hasn't came through yet. Thank you for any help
  8. Greg Grunberg Danny glover Clive Russell Jodi Lynn okeefe Wentworth Miller Any wwe wrestler
  9. You can buy them on the eventbrite app.
  10. Edward James Olmos Steven Williams Robert Knepper
  11. Thanks qs should have checked there for updates didn't think
  12. Have all pre orders been dispatched yet?
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