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  1. 2nd robert patrick Gail kim Edge
  2. Only 51 days to belfast comic con.
  3. Good old waynes world couldnt agree more.
  4. Yeah only noticed et on belfast page thats cool never noticed it being announched before
  5. Im of the opinion that no regional show should b too small big guests are what bring ppl in and grow them but even i think these r a stretch.
  6. Edge Gail kim Dirk benidict Michael Rooker Ernie Hudson
  7. James marsters no chance either ☹
  8. Pearl mackie Laura Vandervoort Michael Rosenbaum Allison Mack
  9. Misha Collins Mark Sheppard Jeffrey Dean Morgan Mitch Pileggi Alona Tal Felicia Day TIMOTHY OMUNDSON
  10. 2nd lance henriksen Jim beaver Edward James Olmos Grace Park Tricia Helfer Jamie Bamber
  11. Phil the power taylor would be awesome
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