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  1. Oh yes michelle would be awesome guest. I second this
  2. Peter davidson Christopher Fairbank Lawrence Gillard JNR Tony Robinson Toby Stephens Charles Dance Joseph Marcell Karyn Parsons
  3. Buffy guests- Nicholas brendon Anthony head
  4. Will there be a pre order option for this event as id like a few autographs from it.
  5. leoric

    Pre order

    Was 8x10s i was wondering about. I never seen anythin either
  6. When does pre order shop close?
  7. Will pre order shop be updated for this event and london as there alot missing from shop and id like to get a few.
  8. As this was a one day con is there gonna b another one day con later in year?
  9. So how did everyones day go today? Just wondering what everyone thought. I always have good day at showmasters conventions however i did feel this was heavily geared towards cosplay. There was as many cosplay guests as film guests and the talks where mostly cosplay. I didnt think there where enough guest only 5 lowest iv seen in any showmasters convention. That being said guests that where there where great, liked the stalls that where there and enjoyed the photo shoots. Cant wait to next showmasters event.
  10. 4 days getting excited and still hoping for more annoucements
  11. Hoping for few guests to b annouced over next couple of days.
  12. 5 days till comic con. Bring it on
  13. I know you cant comment on guests you are trying to get as you are working on contracts and things like that but just wondering is this the final line up as there is about 9 days left or have we a chance of getting more guests.
  14. Theres still time most of london film fair guests where annouced 2 or 3 weeks before event
  15. Robert Patrick Annabeth Gish Nicholas Lea Terry O'Quinn Lou Diamond Phillips
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