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    Guest Suggestions

    agents of shield cast. Game of thrones cast maybe at least one mainish character Power rangers any cast who were or are Rangers maybe some villains vernon wells would be awesome Arrow/flash cast Lost cast Walking dead cast True blood cast Gotham cast Torchwood cast
  2. ElgarTheWimp

    Jason David Frank Costume Photo Op

    Thank you stuartG2198 for the reply sad to hear that oh well there still jason faunt and steve thank you
  3. HI I was wondering if Jdf will be doing a costume photo op like jason faunt and steve cardenas.
  4. ElgarTheWimp

    Guest Suggestions

    mark hamill (batman, star wars) Natalie Portman (Star Wars) harrison ford (star wars, indiana jones) maisie williams (game of thrones) Natalie dormer (game of thrones ) Sophie turner (game of thrones ) christopher lee (star wars,horror) grant gustin ( flash cw ) michael rosenbuam (smallville) allison mack (smallville) kristen kurek (smallville) emily bett rickards (arrow) david ramsey (arrow) colton haynes (arrow) tom cavanagh (flash) katie cassidy (arrow) stephen amell (arrow) paul blackthorne (arrow) jesse l. martin (flash cw) danielle panabarker (flash cw) willa holland (arrow) tom welling (smallville) candice patton (flash cw) ming na wen (agents of shield ) john barrowman (arrow) clark gregg (agents of shield ) cobie smulders (agents of shield) erin cahill (time force ) Chloe Bennett (agents of shield) robin lord taylor (gotham) melissa mcbride (walking dead) norman reedus (walking dead) scott wilson (walking dead) ginnifer goodwin (once upon a time) lana parrilla (once upon a time) colin o"donoghue (once upon a time) emile de ravin (once upon a time) robert carlyle (once upon a time) jorge garcia (lost) Holly Marie combs (charmed) Daniel southworth (time force) Tara strong (Harley Quinn etc) Eliza taylor (the 100) Deborah Ann woll (true blood,daredevil) Anna paquin (true blood,xmen) Stephen Moyer (true blood) Jim parsons ( Big Bang theory) Simon helberg (Big Bang theory) Mayim Bialik (Big Bang theory) christopher khayman lee (In space) Melody Perkins (in space,lost Galaxy) peter dinklage (Game of thrones) Jack Gleeson (game of thrones) Emila clarke (game of thrones,terminator genisys) Seth Macfarlane (family guy,etc) Rose Leslie (game of thrones) Kit Harrington (game of thrones) Oh and just one more haha EMMA WATSON (Harry potter and other great films)
  5. ElgarTheWimp

    Erin Cahill Unfortunately unable to attend MMPC

    I was really looking forward to meeting her. But now this is two Rangers that are not appearing. I know it's only a week before this event. But people have bought gold passes etc. which ain't cheap I think you should at least try and find at least one decent guest or give part of our money back. We started with nine guests and now it's 7. Am sorry but it seems abit unfair that we have paid this amount of money for 7 guests.Please try and Do something at least.
  6. ElgarTheWimp

    Guest Cancellation - Cameron Jebo

    Sad to hear that. So will there be someone replacing him at this event ?
  7. Hi I have got a gold ranger pass I know I am intitled to a free autograph from each guest that attends this event. I was wondering if you also get a free photo with each guest. Also would I be able to purchase additional autographs on the day of event ?
  8. ElgarTheWimp

    Guest Suggestions

    Hopefully you's might get these people in the line up please.. RPM cast - RPM Jungle fury cast - Jungle fury Walter jones (zack) -MMPR Rose Mciver (summer) - RPM Cerina Vincent (Maya) -Lost Galaxy Melody Perkins (karone/Astronema) -In Space/Lost Galaxy Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly Hart) -MMPR Blake Foster (Justin) -Turbo Hilary shepard (Divatox) -Turbo Emma lahana (Keria Ford) -Dino Thunder Christopher Khayman Lee (Andros) -In Space Sally Martin (Tori Hanson) -Ninja Storm Daniel Southworth (Eric Myers) -Time Force Ricardo Medina (Cole Evans) - Wild Force Sean Cw Johnson (Carter Grayson) - Lightspeed Rescue Selwyn Ward (T.J. Johnson) - Turbo/In Space Rajia Baroudi (Delphine.White Alien Ranger) MMPR/Zeo Carol Hoyt (Divatox/Dimitria) - Turbo Brittany Anne Pritle (Emily) - Samurai/Super Samurai Sin Wong (Toxica) - Wild Force Vernon Wells (Ransik) -Time force Kate Sheldon (Nadira) TIme Force David Yost (Billy Cranston) MMPR Austin St John (Jason Lee Scott) MMPR Barabra Goodson ( Voice Rita Repulsa) MMPR Carla PĂ©rez (Rita Repulsa) MMPR Monica May (Z) S.P.D Alyica Purrott (Syd) S.P.D Brandon Jay Mclaren (Jack) S.P.D John Tui (Doggie Cruger) S.P.D Michelle Langstone (Kat) S.P.D The LIST IS ENDLESS LOL!!!