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  1. OMG the sweat is crawling back up my head now lol, got very worried there LOL thank you so much :) panic over!!
  2. I wanted to book some autograph tickets for this event but it looks like I can't - Have I left it too late? HELP :)
  3. Here's my thoughts on guests :) Cast Members (not sure how doable some of these would be, but just what I'd personally like to see, I understand not to everyone's taste: Star Trek (Voyager, TNG or Enterprise), I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan & it'd be awesome to meet some of the cast from the series mentioned The Walking Dead LOST Sons of Anarchy Adventure Time Sherlock Fargo Alien (1-3) Predator (any cast members for pretty much any of the films) Actors that I'd love to meet (again, I know not to everyone's taste but it is just suggestions based on what I like): Scott Bakula Jennifer Connelly Josh Brolin Jonathan Ke Quan Kurt Russell (never going to happen but he's awesome) Joel Edgerton Mary Elizabeth Winstead Sigourney Weaver Dan Aykroyd Bill Murray Directors: John Carpenter Wes Craven Tim Burton (would certainly never happen but I love him!) In general as with a couple of people so far the 80's was great for movies and the list could go on & on from that period. Horror scene you can almost never go wrong with & this has been mentioned before too. Roll on next year!
  4. Hi Folks, I'm planning on showing up this Sat around 12:30pm because the photo shoots I want done are all from 13:40 onwards. My question is, I'd like to get some authographs on the day too, do you think showing up at 12:30pm will be too late to get autograph tickets? Thanks in advance for any replies
  5. Called them only to be told by voice mail that they're away at an event and won't be back until Tuesday, but to email them. I've already emailed around 3 separate times with no answer. I've spent a lot of money on these tickets and am disappointed with the lack of support All I can do is wait.
  6. Thanks everyone, if I don't hear back from them tomorrow I'll try to find a phone number, they only supply an email address when it comes to discussing 'paid for tickets'. Genuinley worried now but I'm sure they'll still have time to sort it out anyway. Thanks again everyone x
  7. Thanks, I just checked & the last email I had from Showmasters stated 'Your order has been successfully processed. Your items will be making their way to you via post but may not be sent until 2 weeks before the show.' I've sent them an email, getting a little worried but I'm sure they'll sort it out :)
  8. Hi Folks, I purchased my tickets early June - Just wondered if anyone has their tickets yet? I'm not sure when they're meant to be sent out? Many thanks, Lorri
  9. I'm going to be free pretty much all morning on the day, but that'll give me time to browse around the stalls.... that'll take me ages anyway lol :) Schedule looks pretty good :)
  10. I really need to try and limit my spending on the day, I'm paid the day before however I'm also attending Comic Con in September so I need to keep some cash for that. Anyone reading this post been to a Comic Con before? It'll be my first one :)
  11. Photos already paid for:- Sylvester McCoy, Kristanna Loken, and Armin Shimerman Photos to be purchased on the day:- Chase Masterton Auto's I'm not too sure about, if I buy on the day it'll probably be Sylvester and Kristanna.... Really not sure though, I'll have to see how my wallet is on the day :)
  12. Aww I'm so so so so so ashamed that I've not made a costume (just because I left it too late with stuff in general going on).... You're all going to look awesome :) I am dressing up but unfortunately my costume was purchased and not hand made Can't believe it's almost time.... 3 more sleeps :) :) :)
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