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  1. 1. You have wrongly convinced youself as if I wanted to genuinely help Showmasters with serious and feasible proposals I would contact them directly. A message forum is, in my personal opinion, is not an appropriate place. 2. I have no desire to ask a complete stranger to take away hurdles I put up when considering potential new routes forward as that defeats the whole object for myself of making things work in my brain. It comes with being OCD. As regards what you do in your professional life, well I guess that potentially makes us doing the same thing. But any serious feasibility studies on potential projects would be done privately and professionally with respect given to potential clients. 3. What may or may not work with other similar companies to Showmasters does not always mean it can work for Showmasters. Every business runs itself in a bespoke manner as they find what little things work for them personally. In business there is no "normal method" as any sensible business will tailor their running to them and no one else. 4. I do not look to convince anyone or be convinced by anyone when it comes to simple chatter. If this was a seriosu conversation it would not be done on a message forum and so impersonally. 5. If you meant "hearing" rather than "heating" then I will once again reiterate that if I wanted to furnish Showmasters with feasible workign ideas and practices I would do so directly and not on a public message board. For some reason only known to you at this point, you have taken what started as a basic exchange of views and tried to turn it into something I have no desire to participate in. I will bid thee good day and depart this discussion as I personally do not like to have assumptions made about myself.
  2. Franking machines - going on personal experience at not only my current company but previous ones. One thing I have found out the hard way about advertising is it is all in the wording. In the Terms and Conditions so to speak. As long as it is worded legally then the description can be deemed correct, but every business is bespoke and thus so much advertising is not correct for them. When I do the weekly shop for the house I never believe the special offers on face value, but work out what I need and if it is worth it to take advantage of what is on offer. E-Tickets - can be done either way and I quite agree that they give the same level of security as current tickets. You wrongly assume about what I see. I take opportunities and analyse them from a business productivity and feasibility side. I put up hurdles and try to remove them rather than just thinking that it can work. I look for proverbial plotholes in the business storyline. There are many things I could say on this topic, but out of respect for the organisers who choose to do it their way, I will not.
  3. Never heard of Double Post. Actor? Musician
  4. E Ticket scanners would be needed. Franking machines in UK are no cheaper than regular stamps Gold Tciket bags - all comes down to time. The events are getting bigger, people want fast service and as such having this as another route could possibly backfire. All good suggestions, but from a practicality stance just regarding Showmasters events, I do not see them as feasible. If the organisation employed regular staff and at bigger events many more are needed, then the chances of this going smoothly are rather slim to none. But I do feel polite suggestions like yours far more productive than the far too often beratement from people who seem shocked that the events are so busy, that they have to queue and pay out money for the ever increasing BIGGER stars. Toodles
  5. The first ever guest I met at a small little signing in Bristol so many many years ago.
  6. A process which could be improved... Seeing the old style stamps that are still being put on the envelopes, while there are automated ways of paying for postage services, paper tickets being send instead of Etickets being used, orders not being able to be added to other orders and send on a time of choosing of the client or stuffed in the goodie bag of a gold pass holder, as is done with a lot of other cons, there is room for improvement here, both to benefit us, the clients and SM as organizer ;-) But yes, for now it is like Queen Sindel said: you pay shipping for every order, orders can not be combined and the costs are not refundable. I am aware that other non Showmasters events cannot be mentioned, but your comments intrigue me. Showmasters are a multi event exceptionally big organisation with only a small number of staff and volunteers to run the ship. With so many events positioned throughout the year, and the numerous times Jason has said he is working on all events at all times, I would find it a logistical nightmare to find sufficient time to combine orders placed at varying times prior to events. When an order is placed the best time management is to have it ready to go asap rather than leave it all to the last minute. As regards old fashioned stamps being used, having recently ordered one for my workplace, do you realise the cost of purchasing a franking machine and the potential for repairs etc? With a business that is run by Showmasters where all profits are put back into the future shows, buying physical stamps is simply a wise financial decision in my personal opinion. Jason has covered E Tickets on a few occasions that I have seen, and being someone who thinks it is a good idea to do E Tickets, I can see his reasoning behind not doing them at present. With the amount of tickets produced by Showmasters there is always the possibilty of dupication dishonesty which leads to loss of income, potentially unhappy customers if their ticket has been the one duplicated and used, and a loss to the business in reputation. As regards putting them into Goodie Bags, again it is a good suggestion but with the growth of Showmasters in recent years this again is a logistical nightmare. At present, and from a business stand point, the current methods are the most feasible for the way Showmasters orchestrate a growing business where it's customers nigh on demand bigger and bigger guests which leads to bigger abd bigger attendances.
  7. I feel the need to get even more creative and do a one off #DoctorWho sketch and start to get the #Doctors&Co on it.
  8. I always forget he was in #EpisodeV as I absolutely adore him in #Cheers
  9. I can remember seeing this film when it was first released. Trying to work out where the 35 years have gone. With the close relationship SM have with the SW franchise cast, it is a no brainer to be able to pull off a reunion of sorts. I guess other marquee celebrations cannot always be put together as easily as asking someone to come. Great job and I look forward to having a custom piece of artwork I am drawing signed by many of the cast.
  10. I met her at a previous Showmasters event some years ago when T3 was being promoted. Managed to get a beautiful pencil drawing of the Terminator franchise signed by all the main stars bar Arnold, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn. The main autographs on there were Kristanna, Eddie Furlong and Robert Patrick. She was a very pleasant, humble person.
  11. I guess Craig's immediate future is tied up with the sad passing away of his brother whilst CC was in the jungle on I'm A Celebrity. Only time will tell when CC goes back to work. But to anyone wanting to meet him he is a great guest. Very fan friendly and very down to earth.
  12. That is not bad for someone of his noteriety. If he signed on for a signing then it would by far earn all parties a lot of money and or enjoyment.
  13. A Twilgiht invasion of Hogwarts?
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