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  1. Fantastic!
  2. Drinking session in a brewery anyone?
  3. I've met Doris before and would recommend everyone else doing so! Glad she'll be there as I have a few more spoons from the Merlin canteen that I need her to sign! P.S. Didn't you say there were going to be Blackjack and Hookers (I assume the rugby kind?) as well?! Guest suggestions: Do you think Barrack Obama and the Queen will come?
  4. I have the sad announcement to make that the forth coming event, where Showmasters organizes a drinking session in a London brewery, has been cancelled. It will now be held on the planet Mars and its your own fault if you don't have a spaceship.
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    And Chuck Finley as well!
  6. McLoud

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    Oh yeah definitely, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHOWMASTERS get eva green to attended the event Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tia Carrere Marina Sirtis Rose McGowan Linda Hamilton MR T Sigourney Weaver Claudia Christian, Jerry Doyle Tiffani Thiessen Dennis Richards Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Lindy Booth