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  1. From QS: 

    I have no clue what you are talking about. I haven't been on here for some hours, been Pokemon hunting. If the thread was removed tonight it was someone from the office, and that is as high as a decision gets. I have not removed any topics myself about Cardiff.

    If a post or a thread are removed they violate the forum rules. If you repost a thread again that one won't stay on either. Such threads like you made are not allowed on here, plain and simple. 

    The theory you have is in no way proven, you're just speculating. Other threads that were asking why that show has no date have stayed on. The reason for that is because they were asking nicely, and not throwing out speculations in a totally inappropriate way.

    Cardiff has by no means been cancelled. Other attendees had it confirmed at the last show that it is happening, and that has not changed. Sometimes negotiations with a venue (or arranging other things) unfortunately take way longer than anyone is hoping for. There will be an update hopefully soon.  

  2. Sorry if this is stupid / been asked a million time ... thinking of sending in for the first time ever.

    Do I send in a return envelope / box whatever with the item I send in to be signed? Just trying to work out how to package up the package I'd be sending in!

    See ... I said it'd be stupid.

  3. Ok, stupid question from someone who has been to loads of shows but never ordered anything off the online show pre-order page. In the options for each guest you have 'Add dedication' and 'Print Customer Image' ... what does Print Customer Image mean? I can't see info anywhere and just wondered, if someone can let me know that'd be great! :)

  4. QS I think it is because the thread announcing the Groot photoshoot seems to have disappeared ( unless I'm mistaken?)

    You're not mistaken, it was definitely announced some time ago and has *poof* vanished!


    But the updated list of shoots etc for Cardiff does now show Groot as cancelled. He obviously feels he's too big a star for us Cardiff folks now! :D

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