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  1. Sorry if this is stupid / been asked a million time ... thinking of sending in for the first time ever.

    Do I send in a return envelope / box whatever with the item I send in to be signed? Just trying to work out how to package up the package I'd be sending in!

    See ... I said it'd be stupid.

  2. Ok, stupid question from someone who has been to loads of shows but never ordered anything off the online show pre-order page. In the options for each guest you have 'Add dedication' and 'Print Customer Image' ... what does Print Customer Image mean? I can't see info anywhere and just wondered, if someone can let me know that'd be great! :)

  3. QS I think it is because the thread announcing the Groot photoshoot seems to have disappeared ( unless I'm mistaken?)

    You're not mistaken, it was definitely announced some time ago and has *poof* vanished!


    But the updated list of shoots etc for Cardiff does now show Groot as cancelled. He obviously feels he's too big a star for us Cardiff folks now! :D