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    Quotes with Autographs

    I got 'Meatloaf!' from Naomi Grossman :) Jessica Henwick's says 'Stay loyal to Dorne. Your loyalty shall be rewarded'.
  2. Carlosreddevil


    I'm glad you brought this up QS. Yes, I agree, the talks room (Super Stage) was very well air conditioned, which was a blessing to escape to when things got too unbearable BUT, on Friday, when there was nothing in there but Free Talks, crew refused to let anyone in to the huge, open and air conditioned room unless a talk was on (so huge gaps of time passed when the room was empty and not used). I get it was different for Saturday when paid talks were on but that respite on Friday would have been a godsend!
  3. Carlosreddevil


    I get what you're saying minchb, but, as an example, I asked THREE crew where the stairs to Level 3 were on Saturday and got sent to 3 different, incorrect areas where the stairs just went down. I finally got directed by someone who was there as a customer like me. Surely simple things such as 'Where are the stairs up?' are not too much to expect ALL staff to know?
  4. Carlosreddevil


    He was great. He was charging for pics but to be fair to him all he raised was going to charity so it wasn't too bad (£3 for a selfie or something).
  5. Carlosreddevil

    LFCC Talk and Photo Schedule

    what are you finding confusing about them? Well, without knowing how many Diamond Pass Holders (for that guest), Gold Pass Holders, Old store tickets by number & Non Batched e-Tickets were sold, how do I know if I would get in to photoshoot one or two with my batch number, without going to each shoot each time, on the off-chance that the numbers are low?
  6. Carlosreddevil

    LFCC Talk and Photo Schedule

    Um ... anyone else not able to make head nor tail of those instructions? Probably just me ...
  7. Carlosreddevil

    Guest Cancellation - Malcolm McDowell

    Ah man, I was gutted at the Emily Kinney cancellation but this was my main one, I was so excited to meet Alex DeLarge. Always trying to look on the bright side, I was getting a bit concerned about the amount of shoots I'd booked, so this thins the queuing a bit, but still, I'd have rathered anyone else cancel but him!
  8. Carlosreddevil

    pet questions ?

    This thread made me chuckle as we also used to have a cat called Snoopy (named after the dog!)
  9. Carlosreddevil

    Guest Cancellation - EMILY KINNEY

    Ah man, seriously! First guest I bought and THE one I've been looking forward to most! Sheesh!!
  10. Carlosreddevil

    Latest Guest Announcement - Neve Campbell

    Uh oh ... I feel a "Sorry, but ..." post coming soon!
  11. Carlosreddevil


    You may as well be talking Klingon as far as I'm concerned!!
  12. Carlosreddevil

    Latest Guest Announcement - CATHERINE TATE

    Excellent (though not for me as I'm not there Sunday!) - at this rate it'll be a 50/50 split on guests and attendees!
  13. Carlosreddevil

    Who are you planning to meet and why?

    Friday: Neve Campbell, Malcolm MacDowell, Zach Galligan, Sherilyn Fenn Sat: Emily Kinney, Christopher Lloyd, Carice Van Houten, Naomi Grossman Plus I'll probably treat myself to one or two more on the day, if queuing time allows! :)
  14. Carlosreddevil

    Latest Guest Announcement - JONATHAN PRYCE

    Yay ... Oh, Sunday ... Booo!
  15. Carlosreddevil

    Latest Guest Announcement - SIGOURNEY WEAVER

    Amazing guest, but sadly I feel I've reached my quota ... not my money quota but just the quota on the amount of photoshoots I'm going to be able to fit in in one day (Only there on Sat). Enjoy everyone, I am very jealous! :)
  16. I'll bet it's Michael J. Fox ... oh, wait a minute ...
  17. Carlosreddevil

    Big Guest Announcement - 7pm - Friday

    Beat me to it - yep, this gets my vote too.
  18. Carlosreddevil

    Is there a date

    As DavidB says, it's there under the event name: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November 2015, Olympia, London
  19. Carlosreddevil

    Latest Guest Announcement - MALCOLM MCDOWELL

    Wow! Amazing! Hope to get a Clockwork Orange signed pic now! :)
  20. Carlosreddevil

    Lost ID

    Yay! A thread with a happy ending!
  21. Carlosreddevil

    group genre photographs

    I'm hoping for a Zach Galligan & Francis Lee McCain Gremlins double shoot at this years LFCC! (Please!!)
  22. Carlosreddevil

    Guest Suggestions

    Might have said this before but would LOVE to get Directors Jen and Sylvia Soska over here, those girls are amazing!
  23. Carlosreddevil

    Carry On Con!

    That' be fantastic, would love to meet some more Carry On folks.
  24. Hmm, interesting. I get that everyone's saying MJF but that's just because this happens to coincide with the anniversary of BTTF. This is a guest SM has been trying to get for years, not just recently when they started planning the anniversary special. I really have no idea and almost certainly won't be able to afford the Diamond Pass, but hell, I'm still excited anyway!!