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  1. Hoping you've just forgotten to add him on the 'Guest Days and Prices' post there SM!
  2. Ah, that's cool for anyone wanting to add to their DW signed items, Clem is a great guy. Nice one!
  3. Always great to get more GoT guests in Cardiff, how about finish the pair and get Nell Tiger Free too!? :)
  4. I've been in every series of Stella so far, you can have my autograph if you want?!
  5. This is spot on. It's obviously a softer way of saying 'Guest is now 3 hours 13 minutes away instead of 20 minutes away'! I understand both of your point of view, but it also lets those who are going to both shows that they can still meet him, and also that anyone who wants an auto but can't get to Brighton, that they could still use the Pre-order service if they wanted to. I do know what you mean though. I get what you're saying, but it right royally stuffs up those of us who like getting the photoshoots over the autographs though!
  6. This is spot on. It's obviously a softer way of saying 'Guest is now 3 hours 13 minutes away instead of 20 minutes away'!
  7. I really feel like we're becoming the 'forgotten con' on this site. Oh well, for what it's worth, I'd love to see Cardiff get Emily Kinney.
  8. In case you haven't seen, Brenock is now cancelled from Cardiff and going to Brighton instead. Damn you Olly ...
  9. Loved meeting Jessica Henwick in London, would be amazing if you could get her down to Cardiff? She was lovely.
  10. Do you know what? At this stage, I'd literally take any new guests, been far too quiet on the Cardiff front.
  11. us also we book hotels for all the crew and guests and now we cannot use them ether , in life things happen all we can do is work with what we have , so bring this forward into this year is a fix as we have the guests coming in for this , anyway now we can ramp it up and use this space. Wow - I don't want to be that guy but surely the response above -"in life things happen", which is generally a roundabout way of saying 'Well, we lost out too, the customers weren't the only ones so suck it up' was not the best option to respond to the original message? I hope this won't be deleted as it's genuine feedback to a statement made on an open forum.
  12. Well that makes the decision easy for me now. London is do-able, Brighton just a step too far. Shame, looked a good line-up so far, oh well. Olympia's excuse sounds flimsy at best, certainly makes me nervous about LFCC Summer 16!
  13. I've posted this in one thread, but I don't remember which, so I'll post it again! :) I'd LOVE to meet some of the surviving M*A*S*H TV show stars. Any chance SM?
  14. Really pleased about Rene Auberjonois - think I'm gonna get my MASH DVD signed :)
  15. Hi SM - not a grumble here, just a genuine question but how come us folk in London had to pay £10 more per autograph for Kenny than the folks in Sheffield do? Just out of interest. Ta.
  16. I 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th this suggestion!
  17. It's all subjective really. For me, the absolute pinnacle of guests would be all the surviving M*A*S*H cast, but it's each to their own I guess!
  18. Excellent guest SM ... I know he's really well known for Stargate/Star Trek etc ... but any chance of getting one of his table pics as him from MASH? I'd be a very happy chap if you can!
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