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  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again ... Mena Suvari, Mena Suvari and Mena Suvari, please!
  2. Literally anyone from the cast of Archer because ...
  3. So far: Ron Perlman Jessica Henwick Judge Reinhold Natalia Tena Laurie Holden 100% certain this won't be the final list.
  4. Can I get an 'amen' for the twisted twins Jen & Sylvia Soska?!
  5. Friday at 8pm? Some of us have lives that start at the weekend! Couldn't this have been at a normal not-already-out-on-the-town time? D'Oh!
  6. As we're going down the BHC route for this year's show, I'd be all over a Jonathan Banks announcement (more-so for Breaking Bad, but still!) Make it happen! :)
  7. Linda Blair would be amazing! It'd make my head spin!
  8. I need Robert Llewellyn to finish my Red Dwarf meets so that'd be great for me!
  9. How about, as it's in Wales, some stars of shows set in Wales, like Stella or Gavin and Stacey?
  10. He was fine in the photoshoot. Shook my hand, asked how I was, did a great big cheesy smile and wished me a good rest of the day.
  11. Sibel Kekilli is supposed to be nice to meet, always good to get more GoT guests?
  12. Could be something as simple as the guest wants to announce it on a certain day, so SM has to wait. At least they let us know it's coming, even if we don't know who it is yet!
  13. How about Phoebe Cates or Mena Suvari? They'd both be awesome! :)
  14. Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but getting Malcolm McDowell back (after he had to drop out last year) would be awesome!!
  15. My list for 2016, so far are: Gaylen Ross (Dawn of the Dead) Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf) John Hurt (Doctor Who, The Elephant Man) A pretty modest start to the year but hoping this will increase over the coming months!
  16. I know how you feel mate Right then SM, I'm expecting Simon Pegg for Summer Con!
  17. I am truly gutted that I am not attending Spring LFCC, what an amazing guest!
  18. I got Jessica Henwick's last year, she was lovely. She dedicated mine (and most others I saw) with some great GoT quotes. Truly lovely lady.
  19. Red Dwarf Crew please. Missing Robert Llewellyn and Hattie Hayridge. Ta
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