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  1. Yeah, like Maxcat asked above, I know it's a way off yet but any idea when we might know days for Chloe? Will help massively to have this info to make sure I can catch her :)
  2. Personal opinion here. First year with a Gold Pass at LFCC, worth every penny! Ok, I didn't get let in first (although that apparently didn't happen anyway) but it meant I could literally roll in at a time that suited me - usually 9.30 each day and just walk straight in in my own queue. Don't think I had a single person in front of me on all 3 days. LOVED getting into photoshoots first (or second if diamond was also in play) - I didn't worry about a single clash all weekend as I knew I'd be in and done in no time, even when I had one shoot starting in the middle of my Jeremy Renner shoot, I knew I'd be done in loads of time to make it. That said, in one shoot, the crew never even called for Gold Pass holders, so I ended up queuing as normal anyway, but that only happened once. We got 2 x £10 autographs included, a £5 prop shoot and a paid for talk. We SHOULD have had 2 x £10 photoshoots and this is my one annoyance here, that the terms and conditions of the ticket were changed the day before the con, which felt rather like I'd been cheated out of what I paid for and did leave a bad taste in my mouth, I'll be honest. I was lucky that I didn't have any autographs that I wanted that were VQ controlled so this never really made a difference to me. The Gold Room was something and nothing but the access to fresh cold water was useful and needed. The cola bottles were rather nice too! The Gold 'bag' really isn't even worth mentioning (unless you like tattoos 2 years past their use by date!) That's basically just the opinion of this one guy, make of it what you will. I don't buy gold for other local SM events, I don't see the point, but for LFCC, it's now a must for any future attendances.
  3. I was stood almost next to you on the platform waiting for the train on Friday. I thought you looked awesome. Great job! :)
  4. Honestly? I don't think they look that bad, or at least not on my machine. Maybe I have the brightness way up or something?
  5. As a first time GP user, I have to say it made my life so much easier than last year without. Literally the one negative point for me was the loss of the £10 photoshoots the day before that event which is totally unacceptable as far as I'm concerned, but that aside, the rest of the weekend was a relative breeze with that little gold band round my wrist!
  6. Wanted to add my own thoughts and this seems as good a place as any, rather than start *another* thread on here. After last year, I was more cautious about this LFCC. I decided to go big and went with a Gold Pass and I have to say it was worth every penny! All 3 mornings I rolled up around 9.30ish and there was no queue at all, so walked straight in. The difference was noticeable right away. It was airy, it was open, it was easy to navigate. The air-con worked all weekend which was excellent (as there were a lot less sweaty people about, including myself!!) Everything just seemed to click this year. All crew I spoke to knew where everything was, or at least knew someone who would know. I honestly couldn't believe it was the same event after 2015. I don't think I met a single other person going up and down the back stairs; last year some poor people queued for over 30 mins to get down them!! I managed to get every single person I wanted, both photos and autos. I honestly would never go back from the Gold Pass again. Even little things like being able to grab a water from the Gold Room when I needed a quick refresher was just right! I'd like to thank Showmasters who have gone up massively in my estimation after this event (look, I go to other smaller events and they're always fine, but this is the real test for the company, and it just worked this year). You did it right. Please don't reduce the space or make any unnecessary changes for next year, if it aint broke, don't fix it! Ok, so that's all the positive stuff, but there always have to be some downsides too right? Well yes, there were a couple of gripes, which I think it's only fair to mention too. The Gold Pass. Showmasters, please don't EVER change the terms of the GP again the day before the show!! I get you said there weren't that many £10 guests, but the free talks entrance was of no use whatsoever to me, and people like me, who already had their entire days planned out. I ended up having to pay for the two guests I'd planned to get shoots with which is an extra expense someone who has paid for the privilege to meet anyway really didn't need. An option of either the shoots OR the talks would have kept everyone happy but I genuinely have been left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth due to this forced change of terms and conditions. So please, don't drop something like this on us at the last minute again. Photoshoot queues. I thought these were well managed and, on the whole, worked well - although I am speaking from the perspective of someone with a GP, so it could have been different for those that didn't. My one gripe here is this. I get your staff have a job to do, and have set things they need to say, but is it too much to ask for them to check people aren't doing what they're asking before they shout at them to do a particular thing? Example in point, queuing for one guest. Crew member at the front continually yells at the top of her voice "Keep tight against the wall people". I look behind me to see who she's shouting at. The line to so tight to the wall, the only way it could be closer is if the people queuing had been mixed in with the paint and painted on! Yet she continued to yell this line over and over to people doing exactly what she had already asked. A little common sense here would have helped her save her voice and me save my ear drums! Paid Talks. I absolutely get that it's right for those who have paid to see a talk to be the only ones to see it, otherwise, why pay the extra money. I went into the Jeremy Renner talk and as it was about to start there were loads of people still at the back of the room. Makes perfect sense for them to be moved, fully understand that. What really wasn't acceptable though was the chap who was moving people was screaming at them so loud, and for so long, that Jeremy actually stopped mid-talk as he wasn't sure if someone was shouting something at him, and he was left looking a little unsure, which I'm sure isn't a position anyone wants guests to be in. Hopefully this is something that will be looked at for next year. Other than those little gripes (well, I personally don't consider the GP change of content little, but in the grand scheme of things they are) I had a great time and am looking forward now to Cardiff in October and probably this event again next year. End.
  7. Ok, so I'm sorry if this has been answered somewhere already, but just want to check ... so, in photoshoots, I see that it goes Diamond, Gold pass, then into batches ... BUT ... if you don't go into the shoots until the afternoon sessions do Gold Pass holders still go in before, lets say, batches 5 & 6 or whatever or by that point are you just called in with the batch you hold? Hope that makes sense (I've had a couple of beers so my thought to typing process may not be what it usually is!! )
  8. Aw man! Gutted, but I have a ton of other stuff lined up so fingers crossed for no more!!
  9. Would love to meet some more Misfits cast as guests, hint hint SM!
  10. This thread is now like a gazilion posts long, so no idea if I'm repeating a suggestion we've already had but ... As a huge horror fan, would LOVE to meet Camille Keaton (of I Spit on Your Grave fame). She's doing the rounds in the US of A, so there's a chance, right? :)
  11. No problem at all, especially with Gold. It's all good!
  12. So, we all now know it has to be Jeremy Renner, based on the clues right? I mean ... it's obvious, non?
  13. Sad, sad day for us all. If I saw a deep dark hole, I wouldn't just jump into the unknown because 'it might be good'. Things are going to get a hell of a lot worse before (if) they get better. Good job I spent my money on LFCC early on, I feel I'm going to need what I have now down the line!
  14. Cheers all. I assumed this was the case but wanted some clarification. Another question ... do Gold Pass holders have a different entrance or do they somehow just 'jump the queue'?
  15. Can we please wrap all the other celebs in cotton wool and bubble wrap for the next 6 months please? 2016 has just been the worst!!
  16. He's a nice guy, I met him working on a TV show in the UK about 2 years ago. Had some great stories about his time doubling for Reeve.
  17. Can someone explain the following to me re: the Gold Pass. I'm feeling a bit stupid! So, the site says ... "You will be able to get ... 2 photo shoots from the guests of your choice attending the show on the Friday or Sunday that are charging £10, these 2 photo shoots will be free ... (Please note: photo sessions tickets are not included in the Gold Pass. These can be purchased online)" So, regarding the bit I've made bold ... what exactly does this mean? It reads to me like the sentence is saying you get two free £10 photo-shoots but then says photo shoots are not included in the Gold Pass. I'm sure I'm mis-reading it, but some clarification would be great!
  18. We've had Zach Galligan and this year we have Judge Reinhold ... so Phoebe Cates anyone?
  19. Awesome. Need Hattie and Robert to finish off my RD cast shoots! :)
  20. Ok, so I'm an old hand at SM events but a Gold Pass newbie, so hopefully someone can cut and paste an answer for me. I'd love to have Frazer as one of my Gold Pass autograph/photoshoot peoples. Do I need to book him online or just turn up to his shoot with something from the gold pass pack? I know this will have been answered elsewhere, I just don't know where!! Ta.
  21. Damn, I'm so annoyed with myself. I got an auto from her last year but missed the photoshoot so was hoping for that opportunity this year! Grr!
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