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  1. I had a good time today, but like you, I was done fairly early (I caught the 1.30 train home) but I did get 3 photoshoots and one sig so I spent a bit more than you! Still had a good morning but it was very quiet (not with numbers of visitors, but with guests - last year you had 2 rooms being used for the amount of photoshoots happening, this year they all took place in the same room).
  2. To be honest, if you don't leave before the game finishes then I'd say the later you can stay the better, most people pile out of the stadium and straight to the trains and you're normally then talking a good 3 or more hours of crazy big queues so stay around as late as you can if you can't get away before 4ish (game kicks off at 2.30 btw).
  3. Good call, had forgotten all about that! Spot on, it's gonna be chocka!
  4. Phew! After already losing Jason and Carice shoots, I saw this and was worried for a sec but luckily am going Sat so that's ok. Bad news for those (like RCD above) going Sunday.
  5. The website must be wrong I've always got my info from the forum and it only says she's there on the Sunday That's what I thought but I'm pretty sure the website said Sunday only at one point and has now changed to both. Shame, only there Sat, would love to have met Catrin (esp. as Jason and Carice have both now pulled out!).
  6. Also, Website says Catrin Stewart is on Sat & Sun (http://www.cardiffcomiccon.com/guests/177-catrin-stewart) but no mention in the schedule of Sat photo shoot?
  7. Such a shame, 2 huge stars arranged for Cardiff (Jason and Carice) both drop out at the last minute. Real shame.
  8. The schedule should be released any day now for all the guests. :)
  9. Poor old Ariana Richards - every single picture I've seen of her (including my own!) she just looks terrified! :)
  10. NOOOOOOOOO!! Gutted doesn't even come close! I was desperate to meet Carice!
  11. Would love to meet the former-Python girl. I know she's done a few cons recently and she'd be great to get at an event (as would any of the Pythons, but they'd probably be less likely to do one). Anyone else like to see Ms Cleveland?
  12. I actually posted her a pic, letter and return post envelope around a week before the show started, not heard anything back yet, but she might not be in the best of moods after reading some of her reviews!!
  13. He still signed my pic of him as Obi-Wan around the time of the first film's release, so he wasn't that bothered back then!
  14. Awesome ... that means he might come back then! :)
  15. Anyone said Danny Trejo yet? 'Cause that would be awesome!! :)
  16. Good question. Haven't seen any of the usual Tardis/Iron Throne/Gollum/Indy Bike etc. SM?
  17. HOW can this be a Comic Con without Dave Prowse?!!
  18. I've got tix for Jason Momoa, Craig Charles and Sylvester McCoy but I reckon I might do one or more shoots on the day, time depending.
  19. Christopher Lloyd ... I feel it in my water!! Plus the original came out in 1985 so it's 30 year anniversary!
  20. Ok, so I ended up with: Oy, you, gizza beer It doesn't matter what I say If I can remember it was you that didn't want to see my face Well I met an old man dying on a train I've never seen a diamond in the flesh All my life I've been good My chick is one in a million Lock eyes from across the room I hurt myself today I can't stop this feeling
  21. Wow, so I got home today to see an envelope from Showmasters. I expected it to be my Cardiff tickets, so imagine my surprise when I opened it and found my London FCC '15 ticket inside! Man, now I've got to keep that safe for 7 odd months!!
  22. Never been to a Chevron event, but, as an interesting aside, we were told yesterday in LFCC that we WERE allowed to take pics and record the guest talks. I thought this was a no-no too, but this was announced to us prior to the Chris Barrie talk.
  23. He did a talk and it was interesting although he looked like he really didn't want to do it, I also asked if I could get a picture of him at his desk later on and while he was fine with it, he didn't even look up when I took it. I guess some people are stand-offish and don't like a fuss, I'm not criticising him, it was just a bit odd.
  24. Haha! I picked one up and have to agree, they smell like pot noodles, certainly not what I want my car to smell of!
  25. Without wanting to write too much in case this also goes AWOL, I guess, as it's a SM forum, they're entitled to do whatever the heck they want - whether that's banning someone completely or just deleting a thread. I'm sure they have their reasons but I'm also pretty sure they don't feel any need to explain them if that's what they did. Can I also point out I am in NO WAY associated with SM, just giving my opinion! Cheers.
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