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    Is anyone planning on Cosplaying this year? I am only going on the Saturday and am hoping to cosplay as Agent Peggy Carter (if I can get it done on time!) Is there a cosplay masquerade again this year? How do you enter it? I have done it for the past 2 years as a Captain America USO Dancer, but have heard nothing about it for this year. Looking forward to hearing about everyone elses plans and seeing some great costumes!
  2. Haylien226

    Cosplay Timetable and Guest Announcement

    Can you use your own music for the open masquerade on Sunday and do you need to register in advance?
  3. What time/day is the cosplay masquerade? Are there any cosplay talks like last year?
  4. Haylien226


    Found a few videos on youtube of previous LFCCs. They look great! Can't wait to take part!
  5. Haylien226


    Didn't even think to look for videos. Had a quick scan of a couple of threads. Will have a proper look.
  6. Haylien226


    Have any of you done/seen the masquerade before? I was just wondering what you have to do on stage if you're not planning on doing a skit?
  7. Haylien226


    Is anybody going in costume? What will you be going as and on which day? I will be going a a USO Dancer from Captain America The First Avenger on the Saturday.