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  1. I got to be honest, after reading a lot of post regarding the staff on Saturday I really wasn’t looking forward to going on the Sunday, but as soon as we got there I went with my brother to pick up our diamond passes now my brother is a disabled and really couldn’t walk around the corner the other side of the build so the lady on the red T-shirt walked us through the entrance by the diamond pass collection and she was lovely, the blue shirt running Matthew Lillard que was such a nice guy and made a big effort with my son and took time to explain to him that’s Matthew was tired and was having s rest, he really seemed to care that was my boy wasn’t upset, overall I thought the crew were fantastic with us so thank you all the crew I interacted with this Sunday
  2. it would be amazing if you could get Benedict Cumberbatch
  3. I had a really good day I got an autograph from Carl Weathers, Mark Rolston and Margot Kidder who all were very friendly and they were playing with my 18 month son, had a photo with Carl Weathers and Mark Rolston were I held my son and they remembered him which is pretty cool considering there was a gap of like 4-5 hours between the autograph and photogrph
  4. It would be awesome if you could get Billy Boyd
  5. Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki Misha Collins Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul
  6. Any Supernatural guests would be nice maybe some one like Mark Sheppard, Katie Cassidy, Samantha Ferris or Nicki Aycox
  7. I got Christopher Lloyd, Bill Paxton and Michael Gambon autograph and I only had a weekend ticket, they was the only ones I was interested in so it was a good weekend for me :)
  8. just finished packing, leaving Cardiff tomorrow I cant wait :)
  9. Ive got a book that I take to all the guests and get them to sign that
  10. looking forward Christopher Lloyd, Neve Campbell or Jason David Frank the most but there's loads im excited to meet :)
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