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    Photo shoots

    Thank you your a star big relief and breath in
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    Photo shoots

    He's 9 months old will it be ok? He can't walk yet he's still a crawler albeit a big crawler. Does that classify him as "in arms? I wouldn't have minded and something to think of for the future maybe a £5 supplement to add a baby so there is no confusion and no arguing with full paying customers.
  3. Af34tv

    Photo shoots

    Hi I'm a little worried. I've bought a ticket to the stan lee photo shoot. I'm attending the show with my 9 month old son. Do I have to buy an extra ticket for him for the shoot? They are sold out also so what do I do with him. At the show in Milton Keynes I asked at the desk and was told that my just over 6 month old was ok to take into a shoot (I understand a member of staff doesn't want the responsibility of holding someone's child) so are the very young exempt like tickets on the door? I understand as a stand alone feature like a 2 year old with a star is a no as this is done to fiddle the event. But a baby who can't look after itself with a full paying adult? It's the same photo same que same star with 1 little person who really couldn't care whether there in the photo or not. I obviously want to introduce my son to the showmasters world but he can't watch himself and I wouldn't let him
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