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  1. After reading this entire thread in one go I have a suspicion that Stenun is actually John Thaw in disguise.
  2. Even though it isn't for me this is a yet another great guest. This year's line up seems.really diverse with so many quality guests. I prefer spending time on these forums as the comments on Facebook make my blood boil. I'm noticing a pattern. Public - We don't just want GOT or Star Wars guests, announce someone different. Showmasters - Here is a star of a successful well loved TV show. Public - But I don't watch that show! This is rubbish *rolls eyes*
  3. I have shelves overflowing with amazing comics and graphic novels but this is by far the best thing I've ever read. *starts slow clap*
  4. I think I have it! So someone that would be a great first time signer and makes sense in a joint shoot. Plus queen just said 'burn the witch'. I'm going Elizabeth Olsen. She played scarlet witch in Avengers and had a really great scene with Hawkeye. Did I win?
  5. A few more guesses. Not sure if they have signed before. Selma Blair (Hellboy joint shoot) Anthony Daniels (C3P0 and R2D2) Dean-Charles Chapman (2 kings GOT Throne shoot) Mark Heap (a Green Wing shoot with Gomez? ) Also has anyone mentioned Eddie Murphy in this thread?
  6. I think James Marsden is a good shout. Not sure if he is a first timer?
  7. Has Cary Elwes done a UK con before? He would be an awesome guest and a Saw pic with Bell would be great. Especially if they had a green screen of the room from the first film.
  8. Many years ago at a Showmasters event I got to meet Corey Haim. He hadn't aged at all and I was so excited as Lost Boys is one of my all time favourite films. He was so chatty and friendly and seemed interested in everyone he spoke to. I still have my Lost Boys pic he signed to me and as one of my first showmasters experiences it's still one of my most treasured.
  9. I don't post often on the forums but feel I have to with this. There are already people saying who? Or they don't think it's a huge guest or too expensive. I'll be honest from the clues I had a feeling it would be Jeremy but prepared myself to not be able to afford it but blimey Showmasters you have made my day. Not only is he Hawkeye but Hurt Locker is one of my favourite films. He is a huge name and is so relevant right now and I can't quite believe the price and what value for money it is. Photoshoot has been booked and I can't believe I'm gonna meet an Avenger. No matter what the grumpy spoilsport may say the truth is people like me are over the moon. Thank you thank you thank you.
  10. I have a couple signed. I find its easier to take it out the box and flatten it so it's easier to carry. I know people on here are against ever opening them but it stops the box getting dented and also if it somehow decreases the value I'm not fussed as I'd never sell anything I got signed. They are easy to display so if you are running low on Wall space it makes more sense than getting a poster or pic signed. I never get dvds signed as again they don't display that well and will one day go the same way as vhs.
  11. According to twitter their name contains a T which means no John Simm, Andy Serkis, Simon Peggy, Bruce Campbell, Corey Feldman or Gillian Anderson. There can't be that many options left but there are still some epic people it could be. Oooh this is exciting.
  12. I know some people moan but I bloody love these build ups and guessing games. For me the dream would be either Nathan Fillion or Misha Collins. But for fun here are some previous guests I'm not sure people have mentioned yet? Andy Serkis (so many fandoms) Burt Reynolds (diamond pass photo with Bandit please) Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, enough said) Danny Trejo (he'd confirm by email as 'Machete don't text') John Simm (Forget Dr Who and Life on Mars, I'd get a Human Traffic poster signed!)
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