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  1. hi i want to order a crew fleece for next time im volunteering. can you send me the link please
  2. An amazing man who never missed a chance to meet his fans I feel privileged to have had the chance. Rest in peace r2d2 we will miss you.
  3. There seemed to be a choice. Some were in carrier bags and some in iron man string bags. I swapped for an iron man bag and I was glad I did. Good little bag I got 2 wolverine tattoos though out of date. Wolverine bottle opener ant man 3d character scene django unchained book night at the museum postcards we bought a zoo book mark the omen and gone girl key rings and stickers oh and the exodus bracelet Loved the bag too. A great extra.
  4. Help. Queen sindle I have ordered photo tickets for me and my husband but it won't let me print or send his tickets to him. We have separate tickets so I can't give him my phone
  5. Hmm Water, money, hair brush, game of thrones books for more signing, printed photo tickets, diamond passes, munchies and photo protectors
  6. I will be coming with my husband and wondered, can I accompany him to his autographs? He has diamond passes for Ron Perlman and Jeremy Renner. He may need help when we get there and I am his registered carer.
  7. No there's a crew forum on here but you need a password to get in. X
  8. Hi I'm crewing my first show in Sheffield I am having trouble accessing the crew forum. Can you help admin x
  9. I wish people would stop moaning about diamond passes. People buy them (me included) for the added benefit it gives you and the guarantee of meeting that person. No sneaking in was done by me just what I'd paid for. I can't speak for golds. I was a gold Pass holder and always joined the back of any autograph que except my diamond pass guest. I do understand people's frustration and I think everyone is a little to blame. Perhaps just thinking of fellow comicon goers would be a start
  10. It was incredibly busy though I expected that with the caliber of guests there, I would just like to say a massive thank you to the lady at Christopher loyds shoot on the Saturday. The staff really helped after someone stole my brothers tickets. They were able to track my order and validate me with id and my brother was allowed to have his photo shoots. Thank you so much. This has prompted me to become a crew member and I'll be crewing Sheffield now. I met some amazing people, saw some fantastic cosplay like the alien queen at sigourney weavers shoot.
  11. Madgick1 I get what you are saying. Though my husband had to take a rucksack because he's disabled he couldn't carry these things in a regular bag. The same thing could be said for trolleys and wheelie bags.
  12. Yeah I can't remember where I saw it posted. I'll have to check.very confusing
  13. I didn't do that deliberately I thought I'd read somewhere that was ok to do.
  14. Wardrobe supervisor I agree. In fact I was able to get a £20 autograph. Took my time and the crew member was not distracted.
  15. Standing by photo booth a and Robert englund jumping me say I look fabulous. Made me jump but was totally awesome. He was on his way to the talk.
  16. Can't add images but I got my wand signed by Michael gambon and Naomi grossman signed my pop vinyl
  17. I will be giving email confirmations with my husbands tickets so there's no confusion as I ordered them for him
  18. Just ordered Robert England diamond pass. Will I have to pick up on the day?
  19. How about if you buy a ticket as a gift you have to put the persons name in so that they can show their id on the day. Also tick this is a gift.
  20. Yeah I've seen that too. I person lives 10 mins away from me. I shared the pics with showmasters.
  21. Hi waiting to hear about my photo refund as I bought the power loader photo.
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