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  1. My prayers have been answered! Stars of the Expanse at LFCC! Thank you, SM!
  2. Not a backpack, but brought in a big plastic bag with a zip (I had 2 books in, and also needed it for putting things I bought in). It wasn't full when I went in, but it was backpack-sized. No problem, they just checked it as usual and let me in.
  3. Might be an American thing, when I traveled to America last summer there were fountains for refilling at all the airports. Don't think I've seen much of that elsewhere.
  4. She's only there for one day, and there will be a lot of DP who get to go first, so I wouldn't get my hopes up for an open queue. I want to get autographs on Friday, but it's people who will be there the other days too, and they are not Diamond guests, so I may not need a very low VT. I am trying to gauge when other people will start queuing to see if I should get the extra hour of sleep, or if that will result in me being really far back and not getting a good VT. I usually queue around 8 so if I keep the same system this year I should queue at 9.
  5. So, with Friday starting an hour later than usual (10 instead of 9), what time do you plan to start queuing? Will it be the usual time or 1 hour later, since doors open 1 hour later and you can save on sleep?
  6. I was thinking along the same lines. It would be a good idea to make water refills available to save on plastic. Even if we had to pay something for the refills, it would still be a good idea because it would reduce plastic waist and protect the environment. Maybe showmasters can implement it at future events?
  7. If the DP says a talk is included, then there will be a talk. The date/time of the talk probably won't be available until the first schedule is published, closer to the event.
  8. First thing you do when you get inside, go get a virtual ticket for those of them that will be on a virtual queue system. Then it depends when your virtual ticket number will come up. Check regularly to see what number the queue is on, and join the queue after your number comes up. As others said, generally towards late afternoon there are less people queuing for autographs. However the virtual queue system is designed specifically so you don't have to wait in one queue for ages; if the queue gets too big they will stop calling bigger numbers and only start calling them when they see the queue is again more manageable. It's possible that your guests will not be on the VQ system, in which case you can join the queue at any time, but go and check as soon as you get in because some of them may be.
  9. Wicked is fantastic, you should see it.
  10. Nope, the Central Line is good so far. Unless something changes you're good.
  11. Alternatively, if you're arriving on Friday (when the Earl's Court to Kensington Olympia bit isn't working), you could change to the Piccadilly line at Green Park, go to Barons Court and walk from there. It's 10-15'.
  12. Didn't know there could be such an issue with Scottish money. I'll have to keep it in mind for when I decide to go to Scotland.
  13. OK, so I need a little help from someone who knows London buses. I will be coming from Kensal Rise (near the station). The TfL website recommends getting the 187 or 52 bus to Station Terrace, and then the 28 bus to Kensington Olympia. Now the problem is there are some status alerts for these bus lines: Changes to Route 187 at Kensal Rise from Sunday 1 July until Saturday 25 August: Buses towards Central Middlesex Hospital are diverted between Banister Road and Wrottlesey Road, and do not serve Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Rise Station, Liddell Gardens, Doyle Gardens and All Souls Avenue. Buses operate via Kilburn Lane and Harrow Road instead Changes to Route 52 at Kensal Rise from Saturday 1 July until Saturday 25 August: Buses towards Willesden, Bus Garage are diverted between Ladbroke Grove, Sainsburys and Sidmouth Parade, and do not serve Kilburn Lane. Kensal Rise Station or Chamberlayne Road. Buses operate via Harrow Road, Wrottlesey Road and All Souls Avenue instead. Buses serve additional temporary stops in All Souls Avenue near Holland Road and Hardinge Road Changes to Routes 28 and 452 at Kensal Rise from Sunday 1 July until Saturday 25 August: Buses towards Kensal Rise do not serve Kilburn Lane or Chamberlayne Road, between Kilburn Lane and Kensal Rise Station. Buses operate via Harrow Road, Wrottlesley Road, All Souls Avenue, Doyle Gardens, Liddell Gardens and the northern section of Chamberlayne Road. Buses serve an additional temporary stop in All Souls Avenue near Holland Road. Unfortunately I can't figure out if these changes affect me. I don't know if they affect the bus I will be getting towards Kensington Olympia, or the one in the opposite direction (I don't mind the opposite direction, because I will be going to a play after LFCC so won't take the same route home). Anyone out there can enlighten me? Thanks! Edit: just remembered there is a map section on the TfL website and it contains bus maps. Using this I have determined that the problems are for the opposite direction, NOT towards Kensington Olympia, so I'm OK with the bus. Sorry to bother everyone!
  14. I on the other hand have been using the London Tube so much since I started coming to Comic Con that I have begun to learn the names of the lines. Not all of them, but I know the ones I use most often. I also have an Oyster Card even though I don't live in the UK.
  15. Good one! Although personally I'm going to go for the autographs. Got 2 of them already, will try for the other 3. Any chance of a BSG talk?
  16. Frak! I was going to use that part of the line to come from Kensal Rise!
  17. Battlestar Galactica cosplay complete! Military jacket bought, BSG logo ironed on, khaki trousers borrowed and adapted from brother, grey top bought from ebay, and brown top made from scratch! Very excited!
  18. Oh no! She was one of the guest I definitely wanted to see! :-( No no no! At least there's a lot of other BSG actors to replace her with. Let's hope we can get her another year.
  19. Anyone else watch Critical Role? I would love to meet the cast, that show is great!
  20. Last year's FAQ You might want to read up on that one, especially the part about Virtual Queues for autographs.
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