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  1. Ooooh! Now I'm wondering who the 3 legendary guests are!
  2. You may be right. I don't remember exactly how much he was in 2017. I've put him on the list and I think I'll decide on the day. He is a legend, and he is getting older, so it's probably a good idea to get his autograph while he's still signing. Also I had some unexpected good financial news today, so maybe I can afford to splurge a bit!
  3. And as expected, his price has gone up since 2017. Natural, since he is going to be in the new Star Wars movie. Curse my bad luck for not getting to meet him in 2017!
  4. Also as I remember one year when I had a 3-day wrist band, and I showed up at 9.30 on the Saturday, I didn't have to join the regular queue that was having tickets scanned, I showed my wrist band and walked right in. Of course if you arrive before opening time you will have to join the regular queue in the main hall.
  5. In two minds about this one. Love Firefly, but on the other hand Adam Baldwin was active in GamerGate, and I think I read somewhere he's an anti-vaxxer? Of course the original intention of GamerGate was good, before it spiraled into misogyny, so maybe Adam was supportive of the original intent? What do you think? Should I see him or not? Edit: to forestall any big discussion on the safety or not of vaccines, I don't want to hear any arguments pro- or anti-. I'm not looking to be convinced whether vaccines are actually safe or not. I'm just wondering whether I should get the autograph of someone who holds an opinion I personally think is wrong, for all that he was in a show I love.
  6. Dammit! Second time she cancels a Con I'm attending! And I so wanted to meet her!
  7. Der Kindestod, eh? I'll add him to the list of potential guests to see.
  8. I think you'll be OK. Are you going to go out directly after getting the VTs? If you go out later, say 11 you definitely don't need to wait in a queue (I know because I did that one time. But I don't remember if there was a queue at that time anyway. All I remember is I went right in). Likely you'll be OK even if you go out at 9-9.30. Anyone with experience going out at that time?
  9. I only saw it now. Grrr Facebook news feed showing stuff late!
  10. And... it's been announced! http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/index.php/10-news/1448-you-and-the-captain
  11. I'm an organized person, and I like to book things in advance, but over 12 months in advance? For Comic-Con? Wtf? Only time I'd consider booking more than 12 months in advance is if I was travelling to Antarctica or the moon!
  12. Checked my photos, the one I have is from the TNG bridge. So add this to the list!
  13. Great news! She's a bit expensive, but still within my budget so I can see her. Thanks, showmasters!
  14. They had a Star Trek captain's chair a few years ago, but I think it was the TNG bridge? I have to check my photos, because I had my photo taken then. The chair + William Shatner would be totally cool, but more than I can afford, unfortunately.
  15. 1. I am on my own most of the day and it's OK. I meet a friend in the morning and we wait together in the queue to get in, which is when you really need somebody because it's boring to wait 1 hour alone. But then we each go off and do our own thing and only meet during the day if there is a talk we are both going to. You will be fine going alone. 2. As wjbleming says, the VQs are for autographs. And you don't pay for VQs, you just get one and when/if your turn comes, you pay at the table before getting your autographs. That's because with VQs you are not guaranteed to get an autograph (your turn may not come by the end of the day). Whereas photoshoots are guaranteed once you've bought them. Of course if you have a Diamond Pass you are guaranteed and autograph and don't need a VQ.
  16. Really happy! I was going to see him a couple of years ago when he cancelled, now I get a second chance to see him! I was going for a photo shoot that time, but now I think I will go for an autograph!
  17. He did? I missed that! Hopefully he will do the same this year when I am around and I will catch a glimpse!
  18. I once stayed at the Earl's Court EasyHotel. It's OK if you except the fact that the rooms are tiny. But if you're looking for something cheap and no-frills, it's an OK choice.
  19. I'm probably in, unless there's a play I want to see that night, in which case I will go to the play and not the Geek-off.
  20. Ooh great news! I was so gutted when she cancelled last year; maybe this year I will be able to meet her!
  21. I was lucky last year that I had chosen to cosplay as a BattleStar Galactica soldier. I did the casual outfit they wore around the ship, with the sleeveless top. I had a jacket with the BSG insignia on with me, but of course I didn't get to wear it, even in the evening it was too warm.
  22. Damn, didn't think of that! Ahhh, now I must make sure I cosplay as someone that has their face obscured, so that they can't recognise me from my forum pic!
  23. Had an LFCC-related dream last night. I was at the LFCC and popped outside for a bit, but I forgot to get my hand stamped. The guards likewise forgot to stamp my hand, so when I went back I couldn't get in! I decided to try and draw a stamp on my hand with a pen and then smudge it a bit so it would look like a smudged stamp. I woke up before I could see how it worked out.
  24. I don't know if I'll cosplay this year. Still thinking whether to reuse a costume or make sth new. Old candidates are Eowyn, BSG crewmember, and Hogwarts student, although the first and the last of these will be rather hot so it depends on the weather. If there's a heatwave like last year, BSG is the only choice! For a new costume I was thinking of Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan), but again might be too hot for summer. I am still considering...
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