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  1. steveT

    Where's everyone staying?

    Easy hotel (earls court) its cheep and relatively close. Will be my first time in london so am going down a few days early to see the sights. anyone know of any decent pubs/resturants in the area?
  2. I have just purchased the diamond pass. The original diamond passes where mailed out. Now its changed over to the e-tickets do I need to collect the pass on the day?
  3. steveT


    I'm going to cosplay for the first time. I'm having the photo shoot with jeremy bulock in his boba fett costume so I am thinking of doing somthing star wars themed. I'm thinking of doing an armoured jedi might do revan or just do a jedi of my own design. Does anyone have any tips for first time cosplaying?
  4. Well if I was to do anything that creepy I would want to take it as far as possible so either Ghost rider it might not be embalming but would still be displaying the body. Or A zombie
  5. Hi this year will be my first time going to London. and will be the second con that I have attended my first was Sheffield. What's the biggest difference between London and the smaller cons (asside from bigger gets and bigger crowds) does anyone have any tips for a first timer?
  6. Wow. I was a teenager when scream came out it is one of the films that got me interested in Wes Craven films and horror as a genre. Neve is on my list of people who I want to meet this year
  7. steveT

    Author/Comic Suggestions.

    Terry Pratchett - I don't know if he would be available for a convention but it would be fantastic to meet him. Also his daughter Rhianna Pratchett is a script writer for games she has worked on the tomb raider reboot and mirrors edge I think it would be interesting if she could give a talk about writing for games
  8. I can't wait to meet billy I hope he takes part in a talk
  9. yay first guest for Sheffield. Can't wait to see who else is gonna be announced. I will be interested to see what his new tv show is like it seems an interesting concept.
  10. steveT

    Guest suggestions

    Personally I think the idea that spocks-brain suggested of multiple doctors doing the photo shoot is fantastic. I'd like to see that. I would also like to see one or two of the modern doctors included. As for other guests I'd like to see: Other DR who guests Noel Clarke Freema agyeman Bernard Cribbins Alex Kingston A-Team MR T Dwight Schultz Dirk benedict - I know he was at this years show but he was for me the highlight of the show and i think a lot of people would be happy to see him again anyone from the red dwarf cast but especially Craig Charles Danny John-Jules Any x-files guests Any Star trek guests but especially the following Alexander Siddig - as both a star trek guest and a GOT guest he could be very popular Colm meaney Patrick Stewart Also some local guests would be good this year my suggestions would be Sean Bean - GOT/Lord of the rings/Sharpe Elizabeth henstridge - Agents of shield Dominic west - The wire/300
  11. steveT

    Carrying a bow on public transport

    You can get archery bags from amazon from around £15. They could be a useful tool for a con as most of them have an arrow tube that will fit small posters if you happen to be taking any to be signed
  12. steveT

    Arena location

    It is about a mile and a half from Medowhall if your coming to sheffield on train your best bet is to use the medowhall stop then get the tram from there
  13. steveT

    McCoy and McGann

    That would be cool I have already pre-ordered photo-shoots with both of them would be fantastic if they could be upgraded to a tardis prop shoot. does anyone know if the tardis set will be coming to sheffield?
  14. Met Norman Lovett from Red Dwarf a few years back when he was doing a stand up set in Sheffield. I accidently set off my camera while he was in the middle of a joke he was really nice about it he ended up having a convo with me about the camera while he was still on stage. Was a bit of an embarrassing moment for me but they way he handled it was fantastic especially as I had interrupted him.
  15. Rimmer Chris will be the 2nd Red dwarf cast member I have met. :)